Sunday, May 28, 2017

The smallest comment can have huge meaning

I heard a small nugget today that really made me think about The Chronicle and MBC staff.  While I know everyone on our teams do what they do for the good of the whole there are times when that may not be the case. Sometimes people start to think they've arrived or progressed at a pace that puts them ahead of others so when I heard this little line squeezed into something I heard at church today I just thought I would share it.  "If you're too big to do the little stuff then you're too little to do the big stuff." Wow, isn't that good.  Think about how everyone is looking for that bold title to put on their resume or that leadership role that will look good on a college application, NHS interview, or whatever.  Sometimes the people that finally get that great zinger that looks good on the application aren't always willing to do the little things that come with it.  The bold print on a resume or a cord at graduation looks really good, but maybe it's the realization that you where willing to do the "little things" that really matter.  Are you willing to help a custodian clean up a mess after you created it or do you think - oh well that's their job? Are you willing to walk around a classroom and push in chairs or pick up after others - or do you just say I didn't make that mess, it's not my problem?  Do you sit around wasting time but yell at out at others that they need to get their jobs done?  Do you model a behavior that goes with the title or the respect you so badly want? We're all guilty of this....right?  But that doesn't mean we can't take small steps to improve - to do the little things because if you're willing to do the little things then when a big thing comes along you'll be equipped to do that too.

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