Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Teaching Fake News, it's about time

Fake news is everywhere and now you can take a class to learn how to determine if something is fake or real.  Colleges and high school are getting in on the act, adding classes or units to their lesson plans.
"I think only education can solve this problem," said Pat Winters Lauro, a professor at New Jersey's Kean University who began teaching a course on news literacy this semester.
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Monday, February 13, 2017

Brandon Phillips will be missed, but Reds have to get prospects on the field this season if this rebuild is to proceed as planned

The rebuilding effort by the Cincinnati Reds continues as we get to bid farewell to one of the best 2B to ever play in a Reds' uniform.  While I still think Joe Morgan is the best to ever play the position for the Reds and in the big leagues, Phillips has been a great Red. He's played through injury, he doesn't make excuses, he plays with passion, and he's been willing to bat wherever a Reds' manager has penciled him in - he has also embraced the opportunity to be a part of the Cincinnati community. He was good for at least one top ESPN highlight a week.  He should have won more Gold Gloves. He's shown up at little league games, area high school games, and is always accessible on twitter. Now Reds fans get to watch another year of the rebuild - I'm not sure how long this rebuild is going to last but I hope it's not too much longer and I hope BP can get another shot in the post season. He's a Cincinnati Reds Hall of Famer.

Shout-out to Abbey THE MARSHALL PLAN blog

Journalism is changing but people's desire to get the news is not.  Abbey Marshall, former Chronicle editor is embracing the opportunity to feed the modern news consumer.  Her blog is packed each week with news on the campus of Ohio University.  She's constantly tweeting and blogging.  I like the way I don't have to wait for Abbey's stories - she's gives me a "heads up" before the story comes out because she tweets some information to get in the loop before the story comes out.  You've gotta check out The Marshall Plan.  (I think I might have given her the suggestion for this blog title.)