Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Election Fatigue, it's a real thing

Are you sick of the election, campaign 2016 yet?  If you are, it appears you are not alone.  Election Fatigue is a real thing and according to some reports people were already feeling it back in July.  So now we're just about week away from the end of history's most humorous reality TV show (Clinton v Trump 2016).  I'll just be glad when this whole thing is over.  I hope the transition to whoever wins is peaceful.

In July, Pew Research Center reported that “most Americans already feel election coverage fatigue.” July! More than three months ago. And in those three months, it’s safe to say that no one has gotten any respite. The news cycle has churned forward, the conversations have devolved, and the fissures revealed by the primary elections have turned into gaping crevasses.This week, Pew published a new report, positing that people are so tired of talking about the election that they won’t even argue about it on social media (and people will argue about anything on social media). According to the research, twice as many social media users report being “worn out” than those who actually like seeing political discourse online.
Oh, yeah. You've gotta love this picture.  When you see Hillary and the Donald ragging on each other. Check out this photo.  Do they really hate each other? Hillary seems to have an awfully big smile on her face there.  Bill gets the joke too.  "Build that Wall!"

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