Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Some great scenes from movies about the "News" - watch 'em and have a little fun

There's a lot of good movies out there about journalism, news, and the new business.  I thought I would share some scenes from some that I have enjoyed. If I've left one off, please let me know so I can check it out or share it. 
This is a great scene from the movie Broadcast News.  This 1987 movie captured the inner workings of the network news.  In this scene Aaron finally gets the chance to anchor the evening news. Even though he prepared for the anchor spot, things started go wrong.

Ron Burgandy said ESPN would never work.  Check out his audition for SportCenter.

Woodward and Bernstein dig through evidence at the Library of Congress.  This clip is from the movie "All the President's Men." They didn't have Google.  They needed good old fashion shoe leather to track down the story of Watergate.

This is the opening for HBO's the Newsroom.  This was a great series created by Aaron Sorkin. I think this opening is great.  Check out all the historic file footage of America's founding journalistic fathers. Gives me chills.

This scene from "Spotlight" is incredible.  Mark Ruffalo's portrayal of Boston Globe investigative reporter Mike Rezendes is amazing.  After watching this movie I wonder how many people realized how important journalists are to this country?

"The Insider" is probably one of the best movies about broadcast news that you've never seen.  This movie details 60 Minutes producer Lowell Bergman's attempt to get a story aired that would tell the truth about what goes on behind closed doors at big tobacco.
If you know anything about the news business you know Edward R. Murrow is probably the man who laid the foundation for where television news is today.  I'm not sure he would be that happy with the direction of some of our news outlets but this is a great scene from the movie "Good Night and Good Luck."

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