Sunday, September 18, 2016

Proud of Big "E" and Loud E"

Big "E" number 74 gets ready to pound a West 'D' lineman

The Chronicle is fortunate to be filled with several gifted students who also excel outside of the classroom.  We have singers, performers, artists, scientists, mathematicians, designers, athletes, 'bloggers' - the list goes on.  And it is one of those athletes that I want to give a shout out to - Eric Miller - big "E," "big country," - I probably make up a new nickname for him each day.  And yes, he does look like he's 12 years old even though he's giant (6'6") but on Friday night Eric got the starting nod on the offensive line for the football Comets as they demolished West.  I'm very proud of Eric because I've watched him since the 7th grade and next year he will be the first person to ever be on The Chronicle staff for four years.  It's not that I'm proud of Eric for getting the playing time I would be proud of him if he never played a down but what I'm proud of is that Eric works hard on and off the field.  He listens to his coaches on the field, he's a team player, he buys in to the coaching philosophy.  He may not always agree.  He may want more P.T. But he never bad mouths his coaches or his teammates.  One of his teammates could have the worst game of their career on a Friday night and Eric wouldn't say a negative word about his teammate while others may publicly bash their comrade.  Eric won't. We're all proud (The Chron family) of Eric - and it was cool to hear Eric's classmate and fellow Chron member Eric Michael (yes Eric, I mentioned you in my blog) screaming out loud in class last week - "Hey everyone Eric's getting the start on Friday night, go see him play!" That was one of those "Chron" moments we cherish - when our peers acknowledge the accomplishments of their fellow "Chronnies."  Eric "proud Viking fan," "loud mouth," "class flirt," and by the way an excellent sportswriter - you too made me proud.  Great job to our Erics.  And on Friday we'll celebrate another "Chron moment" as Eric Miller produces his first sports section in The Chronicle as sports editor and the lead story in sports was written by none other than....yeah, you guessed it Eric (the Vikings will play in the Super Bowl this season even though they have no quarterback) Michael.

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