Sunday, September 11, 2016

It's's time to blog again

Former Chronicle managing editor Abbey Marshall told me to get back to blogging so I figured I better get back it.  I don't want that sassy ginger getting mad at me.  I usually take some time to "blog surf" and today's surf was well worth it.  Of course I checked out THE MARSHALL PLAN and it was nice to see Abbey's hasn't wasted any time getting involved at Ohio University with this piece that was published in The Post.  She's covering a pretty controversial topic and in this time of economic challenges our country is facing this is no doubt a topic that is going to get more attention (especially in the stretch run of the Presidential race - I guess that's what you call this side show masquerading as the race to be the leader of the free world.)

A bit more surfing turned up quite a pleasant surprise on "LYSten up" - awesome title for a blog.  But after reading and watching I was listening.  Alyssa is crushing on her blog with plenty of commentary and several videos she has produced. Alyssa's recent post 'The Graceful Collision of a Journalist and a Christian' is a tremendous post where Alyssa isn't afraid to discuss her faith and her admiration for her friend.

My surfing also turned up another surprise - new Chronicle staff member Joann Tsai even got into the act with an insightful piece that just happened to appear on her blog on Sept. 11.  Nice job Joann. Another Chronicle rookie decided to tackle a tough subject on his blog "Is this it...? " Freddie has tackled some difficult questions about education and the students who are sacrificing a lot to achieve academically. 

Owen gets to play the role he's always wanted in the church play. 

Over the weekend I went to see "A Prayer for Owen Meany" at Playhouse in the Park.  This stage adaptation based on the novel by the same name by John Irving was touching and produced in such a unique fashion.  At first glance the stage appeared simple and almost blank but it soon light up with amazing use of theatrical elements and a small cast of characters.  Check out this review of the play on  I think if you've read the book (which I have) then you would have a much better understanding of the play.  In fact I could hear some people around me who were commenting about how they were confused.  Go see it, it's good play at an awesome theatre.  A trip through Mt. Adams is always a fun too.

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