Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Spotlight is amazing

I knew I wanted to see the movie Spotlight.  Chronicle staffer Matt Marvar saw it, told me to go see it.  I finally got the chance to see the movie last weekend and it was worth it.  This movie is GREAT.  If you go see the movie, you're not going to leave happy or cheerful.  You're going to leave with an agonizing feeling in your gut.  I was amazed by the journalists.  The story they're covering is mesmerizing but the story of these journalists is equally enthralling.  I don't think investigative journalism is for everyone and this movie sheds light on that.  An investigative journalist is a soldier. They have to be courageous, strong, unbending, and of course have the ability to dodge bullets (and maybe even take a few. -figuratively speaking-)

The reporters covering this story for Spotlight changed the world.  Journalists have many reasons for going in this field.  It's usually not about the money.  It is about a passion for finding, covering, writing, and reporting news that will impact readers and maybe even the world. These Boston Globe reporters did just that - they made an impact on the world.  I feel indebted to these journalists and those who work in the trenches of this challenging genre of journalism. 

The story of the priest abuse scandal will absolutely rip your heart out as you hear the stories of the victims and in the movie they are termed survivors because of what they had to endure. They truly are survivors.  Every aspect of this movie is amazing.  Filmography, culture, dialogue, characters, casting, story, message, impact - it's all there. This movie is going to rake in the awards during the entertainment awards' season. 

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