Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Thank you Ann

Several years ago one of my students suggested I read 'The Kite Runner'.  I told her I would read it since she liked it so much and suggested it.  I started reading it a couple weeks later. I couldn't focus so I just quit reading it.  About a month later , Ann (that's my former' student's name) asked me if I read the book, I gave her a lame excuse and then admitted I had a difficult time following the characters.  Ann responded by making me a book mark with all the character's names and a description of their role in the story.  She said, "there that will help you keep track of the characters."  I still didn't read the book. I saw Ann again over the holidays this year.  She was home from Ohio University wanting to share the good news about her upcoming internship in New York City. She asked me if I had ever read 'The Kite Runner'. I had to embarrassingly admit to her that I had not read the book.

It's been about three years since she suggested I read 'The Kite Runner,' maybe more.  But, two weeks ago I picked up my copy of 'The Kite Runner,' opened the pages, grabbed my bookmark with the character's names on it and started reading.  This time it just flowed. Page after the page the book just evaporated in front of me. The story of Amir had my full attention.  There were several times I didn't like Amir but I could feel Amir's agony.  I would put the book down and I just wanted to grab it again and finish reading. Today, Ann, I finished 'The Kite Runner.' You were right, it is an amazing book. The author painted such a vivid picture of life in Afghanistan, culture, social class, food, recreation, family structure - and of course the tale of Amir, Hassan and Baba.

I thoroughly enjoyed this book and I appreciate Ann for staying on me to read the book and especially for her bookmark entitled "MR. CONNER'S GUIDE TO 'THE KITE RUNNER'"

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