Sunday, January 10, 2016

Another family calls MBC, The Chronicle home

I've had the good fortune of having several family lines join The Chronicle or MBC staff.  Whether it's the DeLotells, the Geigers, the Raghavendrans, the Howards or a host of other clans it's been an enjoyable part of my role as a teacher, advisor, and of course award winning blogger to get to know these families.  I've also had the chance to watch them graduate from high school, go onto college, become professionals, and even parents.  That's really pretty cool.  Last week I got the chance to hang out with another set of siblings. Lindsay McCalmont (Chronicle class of 2014) and her sassy sisters Kylie and Shannon.  Lindsay is currently a sophomore at Ohio State, Kylie (MBC staff and Chronicle sports editor) is a senior at MHS, and Shannon (MBC staff) a sophomore at MHS.  They've informed there are still McCalmonts to come so who knows I might get some more down the road.

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