Friday, December 11, 2015

The occupational hazard of a sports columnist

Last night the Iowa State Cyclones knocked off arch (in state) rival Iowa in college hoops.  As you know fans storming the court has become the norm when a huge win or an upset occurs but last night the unthinkable happened when Des Moines Register columnist Randy Peterson suffered a broken leg when Cyclone fans stormed the court. The topic of fans storming the court made its way to Mike and Mike and this morning.  One of the Mike's even admitted that he once stormed the court when Northwestern knocked off defending national champion Indiana. 
This is a picture of Mr. Peterson in the hospital. He is still
wearing his press pass. 

Friday, December 4, 2015

Rashika making a splash in the Daily Orange

It' good to see former Chronicle staff members still flexing their writing muscles long after they've left they confines of C103.   Rashika Jaipuriar (now a freshman at Syracuse University) recent piece in the Daily Orange at Syracuse touched a nerve and dealt with a topic that is getting a lot of pub across the country right now. After student protests at the University of Missouri led to the ouster of the college presidents more colleges are standing up and taking notice.  Rashika touches on that subject here
"While the administration’s motives or intentions are most likely genuine, it is important to question whether universities simply give in to demands to pacify protesters and if these policies really change the day-to-day lives of students."