Thursday, September 24, 2015

True Story or not, stick to the facts

I saw an interesting movie over the weekend.  It's called True Story and I really can't believe I let this one slip under the radar.  This is a true story about former New York Times Magazine reporter Michael Finkel. Finkel climbed the ranks to a coveted position as a feature writer but then due to inaccuracies in some of his pieces the magazine let him go.  This is where things get really crazy, it turns out a murderer was using Finkel's name as an alias.  Finkel ends up interviewing the murderer and becoming one his closet confidants. Finkel goes on to write a book about his interactions with murderer Christian Longo. For journalism and suspense fans this is definitely a good movie. Check out this article  The True Story Behind 'True Story'

Friday, September 4, 2015

Blogger of the Week - 'Disching' it up

This past week the staff members of The Chronicle had to write their first blog post of the year.  I know sometimes this is a pain in the neck for some people but I do think our writers find it as a unique way to share a little bit from their perspective.  While I did like all the blog posts two really stuck out to me. Ariel Jones (Keeping up with the Jones) provides a very personal perspective on her evolution as a student at MHS. Thank you for sharing Ariel.  And you know I have to like Juliana Discher's (The Disch) post. She is talking journalism and if you know how to get a shout out for blogging just mention something about journalism. I have to admit Asia Porter and Blake Nissen did hit a home run with their posts.  I highly recommend taking a moment to visit Asia and Blake. Great job Blogging.