Monday, July 27, 2015

Got some catching up to do

A lot's been going on this summer and it seems I've let the blogging slide.  But there's still some things to catch up on.
- First of all I'm OK with the trade of Johnny Cueto to the Kansas City Royals.  Johnny is an incredible pitcher but the Reds were not going to be able to resign him next year.  So they did the next best thing and got three solid pitching prospects who according to many baseball experts should all pitch in the MLB.
- Next I finally finished the book I've been reading for about a year, The Kingdom and the Power by Gay Talese. This fascinating book goes in depth on how The New York Times was built by a family who has been able to maintain "The Gray Lady" since 1896. Why did it take me so long to finish the book?  Well first of all it is kind of long but reading it requires research.  Just about every time I would encounter an event in history that the author described in the book I would want to Google the event to learn more.  What I found most fascinating was how the Ochs-Sulzberger family has held control of this amazing institution since the late 1800's. For any aspiring journalist it is worth reading. 
- I've been doing some blog viewing lately and I have to admit some of our current and former staff members are doing some incredible blogging.  You've got to check out former Chronicle staff member and founder of Chronsgiving Katherine Hansen's blog.  Katherine attends BYU and instead of heading home for the summer and lounging by the pool or working some boring summer job she's been in Taiwan creating amazing memories. Check out her blog here. Katherine Hansen's blog.
- Next I headed over to Gina Deaton's blog.  Gina will be the new Editor in Chief of The Chronicle this year and I was happy to see Gina trying new things when she and The Chronicle staff attended the summer high school journalism institute at Ohio University.  Check out Gina's blog here.   Gina will continue the legacy of incredible editors who have led The Chronicle staff over the past several years.
- Not to be outdone Abbey Marshall and Matt Marvar knocked it out of the ballpark on a piece they produced at the OU workshop. Check out Abbey's blog here.
- And I have to admit I was pretty excited that new Chronicle staff member Asia Porter mentioned me in the headline of a blog post this summer.  I like it when bloggers follow other bloggers (especially award winning bloggers like myself) and use that blog to help generate content or further a discussion on their blog.  Awesome job Asia and thanks for giving me a spot in your headline.  Asia is among a group of some of the most talented new recruits the Chronicle has ever brought on staff.  I can't wait to work with Asia and her fellow rookies.  Yeah, sorry, first year members you might get called rookies for a while but probably not for long.
- Of course checking out the blogs and thinking about the school year got me kind of excited about many of the things that we enjoy on The Chronicle staff.  Celebrating an edition of the newspaper with food Friday.  Of course the "Dish's" powerpoints provide us all with a little dose of reality. Designing a new t-shirt for 2015-16, making fun of Matt Marvar or Arnav, seeing if Eric Miller is almost seven feet tall yet, or if he has more hair, quotable moments that get slapped on the board (be careful what you say, it may end up on the board all year), Sundae Thursdays, Gina and her weird green fascination, Abbey the sassy ginger, Marvar with shorts that are just a little too short, churning out incredible editions of The Chronicle, reading Jess Sayin's amazing pieces that seem to come from some imagination that most of us can only dream about, laughing a lot, working hard, polishing off a Hell Week with The Chronicle that we know will end up in the hands of nearly 4,000 students and staff at MHS, all the new ideas that will be discussed this year - there's a lot more I could mention but you're getting sick of reading this by now.
- Oh yeah, I really liked The Disch's blog. She has a great package that she produced at OU and some great pictures.  Memories, I'm so pleased to see our staff members develop friendships and good memories.  We want you to have a lot of both.
So, it's probably time to close up shop for today. So being the good twitter stalker that I am I thought I would throw up some of the pictures I snagged from the OU experience. 
Eric Michael and Eric Miller must be fascinated by something.  Big E is probably sitting there thinking about how Penn State is going to back to uniforms without the names on the back of the jersey. Check out Gina and Abbey.  Gina is sitting there going please Abbey shut up, let me talk.  Abbey is like what do I do with my hands? Kylie has discovered the selfie stick, what the heck is wrong with Isabell? Meghan is always smiling. Erin is probably telling Jonathan that despite what everyone says she's really a nice girl.  And of course how often do you get to learn about history from the person who made history?  Abbey, Jess, Ashton, and Disch hanging out with Mary Beth Tinker.

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  1. Long blog, but worth the read. Thanks for the shoutout DC 😎