Saturday, July 11, 2015

DC at Epcot or is that a giant golf ball behind us?

I got the chance to head to Orlando recently and visit Epcot at Walt Disney World.  It was a pretty cool experience.  Besides seeing the biggest chipmunk in the world - I mean this thing was huge - as big as a human - it was a pretty cool experience.  My son and I designed our own thrill ride and got to ride our invention, toured some pretty awesome science and tech stuff, and soared through the air in a virtual hang glider over California. I think I waited in line almost two hours for this thing but it was worth it. 

We also visited Lego Land and Sea World. I did like the whales and dolphins at Sea World - pretty amazing what they can do with those ocean giants. I know a lot of critics out there think the folks at Sea World mistreat the whales and dolphins but Shamu looked pretty happy.

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