Friday, May 8, 2015

The newest members of the MBC Wall of Fame

It has become a tradition with MBC.  What started out as a few ambitious students almost 15 years ago has turned into an institution. MBC. Their goal 15 years ago was to produce an entertaining and informative broadcast about students for students.  At the conclusion of that first year the students said we need to honor those people who have gone above and beyond for the good of MBC. That thought spawned the MBC Wall of Fame.  Now we have a full wall of students who made contributions that have gone above and beyond.  What makes this cool is that those who have found their images preserved on this wall were nominated and picked by their peers. Congratulations to this amazing new MBC Wall of Fame Class of 2015.  Your Wall of Famers are: Cory Harbatkin, Katelyn Emter, Riley Chapman, Salvador Mendoza, Frita Beauchamp, Kevin Carey, and Emily Wilhelm.

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