Friday, May 1, 2015

So proud of Frita Bolita today - great job on the 2014 - 15 Video Yearbook

When Frita rolled into MHS this year she told me she wanted to be the video yearbook editor/exec. producer.  This is a big job so I was a little worried Frita might be overwhelmed.  Even though there were times when she might have been a little swamped, she never let on too much.  She would scold us every once in a while. (Usually she had a little sly grin on her face but she was serious.) Frita managed take over the leadership of the VYB, hold a job, participate in school activities, etc. and still keep a great attitude. Here's a huge shout out to Frita for producing a VYB, we'll never forget and for carrying such a gigantic amount of responsibility this year.  She truly "owned" it. Great job Frita and your team of videographers, editors, producers, actors, and crew. Great job.  (Frita, I could make this a really long blog post and tell people how you were when you first took this class - remember all the mess ups and goof ups?????I know you remember. You've left big shoes to fill for the next VYB exec. producer.) Congratulations!!!

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  1. I was very impressed with the video! Great work, Frita!