Monday, May 11, 2015

Great news about former Chronicle staff member

Trevor Maxim, (Mason and Chronicle class of 2010) is using his journalism and Chronicle experience as he pursues his law degree at the University Southern California.  Trevor received his undergraduate degree from the University of Miami (the Florida one).  At the "U" Trevor majored in Motion Pictures and Economics. In fact while in college he wrote four feature length scrips and interned with productions companies in Miami and L.A.  Now Trevor has decided the business side of entertainment is where he sees himself fitting in - so he headed to USC (University of Southern California) to pursue entertainment law. This summer Trevor has a legal internship with the production company that produces Top Chef, Project Runway, and Last Comic Standing to name a few. He is hope is to eventually work in the legal department of a production company. Trevor has some great advice for any student who might be thinking about law school eventually.  Trevor wanted me to pass along to any of journalism students that if you have any questions for him or would like to talk about the entertainment industry, please don't hesitate to ask (get his contact info from Mr. Conner). Trevor also wanted to pass along this great story about the recent defamation case against HBO. HBO is being sued by a major soccer equipment company for an allegedly defamatory story on Real Sports with Bryant Gumbel regarding child labor used in soccer ball manufacturing.  This case could have huge implications on print and broadcast journalists. 
 "I genuinely think journalism training is great preparation for law school.  I was also an editor of the student magazine at Miami, so I always thought back to my experiences at The Chronicle.  My legal writing professor has explicitly said that he thinks journalistic writing is a good model for persuasive legal brief writing -- where you have to be objectively truthful yet convince a judge or jury to sympathize with your client.  That could be something to remind students who are considering going into law eventually".

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