Wednesday, May 27, 2015

The best team at Mason this year is....

The Mason Comets have won many league, sectional, district, regional, and state titles this year but the team of the year for 2014-15 is the MHS Sports Radio team.  This team of dedicated broadcasters and tweeters spent the year delivering sports news and information to followers far and near. Congratulations to this fine team.  They are truly a team of champions. A huge thank you goes to MHS Sports Radio director Kevin Carey (no relation to Harry Caray .)  Kevin was an incredible leader and in recognition of Kevin's tremendous commitment to MHS Sports Radio we will be giving an out award each year to the most committed member of the MHS Sports Radio team. The award will be called the Kevin Carey Commitment to Sports Radio award.

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

The Chronicle 2014-15 staff is awesome, congratulations seniors

Congratulations to the tremendous staff of The Chronicle.  Our staff once again performed above and beyond the call of duty.  Thank you for all your hard work and a huge THANKS goes out to our seniors - Sheila (Indiana University), Erin (Johns Hopkins University), "The Stich (University of Cincinnati)," Zane (Bowling Green State University), Sonia (Penn State University), Kelly (The Ohio State University), and Emily (Miami University).

Monday, May 18, 2015

A proud dad watches his son contribute to a championship baseball team

I want to give a shout out to my son Bryce and his teammates on the Freshman Green Baseball team for their GMC Championship.  Coach Mays and his staff guided a great group of boys to a well deserved championship.  In the GMC tournament they defeated Colerain, Lakota East, and in the finals they were victorious over Fairfield.  As a proud dad, I valued every minute of watching my son enjoy his baseball experience as a part of this fine team.

Friday, May 15, 2015

MBC/Chronicle College Signing Day, Awesome Students, So much for the diet !

I have the most awesome students in the world. Evidence - check out the cookie they gave me yesterday at MBC/Chronicle College Signing Day.  There goes the diet.  It didn't take long for about half of that thing to get devoured last night when I got home.  It was a great day. Check out the list of MBCers and Chroners who made their college commitments.
Paige Osterwisch
Miami University
Erin Brush
Johns Hopkins University
BriAuna Keys
Northern KY Univ.
Frita Beauchamp
Columbia College, Chicago
Sheila Raghavendran
Indiana Univ.
Laura Hicks
Univ. of Alabama
Gabrielle Stichweh
Univ. of Cincinnati
Zane Miler
Bowling Green State Univ.
Kevin Carey
Northern KY Univ.
Cory Harbatkin
Univ. of Cincinnati
Emily Wilhelm
Univ. of Cincinnati
Ryan Jordan
Univ. of Cincinnati
Mark Brackman
Northern KY Univ.
Katelyn Emter
Ohio University
Abby Woolum
Univ. of Dayton
Mark Iannuzzi
Florida Southern College
Sonia Rayka
Penn State Univ.
Katie Hermann
Univ. of Toledo
Jessica Brewer
Ohio University
Kelly Noriega
Ohio State Univ.
Emily Culberson
Miami University
Breanne Gibb
Riley Chapman
Columbia College, Chicago
Mitchell Hillbrands
Univ. of South Carolina
Kylie Agin
Ohio Univ.
JJ Haltman
Northern KY Univ.
Mason Eagle
Miami University
Hira Qureshi
Kent State University
Rashika Jaipuriar
Syracuse University
Lizzie Bowden
Univ. of South Carolina
Yash Pdhye
Ball State University
Keefer Kaneshiro
Ohio University

Monday, May 11, 2015

Great news about former Chronicle staff member

Trevor Maxim, (Mason and Chronicle class of 2010) is using his journalism and Chronicle experience as he pursues his law degree at the University Southern California.  Trevor received his undergraduate degree from the University of Miami (the Florida one).  At the "U" Trevor majored in Motion Pictures and Economics. In fact while in college he wrote four feature length scrips and interned with productions companies in Miami and L.A.  Now Trevor has decided the business side of entertainment is where he sees himself fitting in - so he headed to USC (University of Southern California) to pursue entertainment law. This summer Trevor has a legal internship with the production company that produces Top Chef, Project Runway, and Last Comic Standing to name a few. He is hope is to eventually work in the legal department of a production company. Trevor has some great advice for any student who might be thinking about law school eventually.  Trevor wanted me to pass along to any of journalism students that if you have any questions for him or would like to talk about the entertainment industry, please don't hesitate to ask (get his contact info from Mr. Conner). Trevor also wanted to pass along this great story about the recent defamation case against HBO. HBO is being sued by a major soccer equipment company for an allegedly defamatory story on Real Sports with Bryant Gumbel regarding child labor used in soccer ball manufacturing.  This case could have huge implications on print and broadcast journalists. 
 "I genuinely think journalism training is great preparation for law school.  I was also an editor of the student magazine at Miami, so I always thought back to my experiences at The Chronicle.  My legal writing professor has explicitly said that he thinks journalistic writing is a good model for persuasive legal brief writing -- where you have to be objectively truthful yet convince a judge or jury to sympathize with your client.  That could be something to remind students who are considering going into law eventually".

Friday, May 8, 2015

The newest members of the MBC Wall of Fame

It has become a tradition with MBC.  What started out as a few ambitious students almost 15 years ago has turned into an institution. MBC. Their goal 15 years ago was to produce an entertaining and informative broadcast about students for students.  At the conclusion of that first year the students said we need to honor those people who have gone above and beyond for the good of MBC. That thought spawned the MBC Wall of Fame.  Now we have a full wall of students who made contributions that have gone above and beyond.  What makes this cool is that those who have found their images preserved on this wall were nominated and picked by their peers. Congratulations to this amazing new MBC Wall of Fame Class of 2015.  Your Wall of Famers are: Cory Harbatkin, Katelyn Emter, Riley Chapman, Salvador Mendoza, Frita Beauchamp, Kevin Carey, and Emily Wilhelm.

Thursday, May 7, 2015

The MBC Power Team goes into the Shark Tank

MBC was well represented yesterday when Serina Cline headed up the team of Salvador Mendoza, Allie Evans, Tori McVey, and Erin McElhenny in a presentation to the high administrative team. Their goal: Get the MBC broadcast back into the school day for all students to view.  All MBC'ers (past and present) are thankful for their preparation and courage as they took on the challenging task of presenting to the entire high school principal team.  This group really put a lot of effort into their presentation.  Everyone involved with MBC should be  appreciative of this great team. If you're involved in any way with MBC and proud of the work we do then you should pass on the word to help get more support for getting the MBC broadcast back into the school day during a dedicated time period. Job well done.  (Oh yeah, Sal's liking the ratio!!!)

Friday, May 1, 2015

So proud of Frita Bolita today - great job on the 2014 - 15 Video Yearbook

When Frita rolled into MHS this year she told me she wanted to be the video yearbook editor/exec. producer.  This is a big job so I was a little worried Frita might be overwhelmed.  Even though there were times when she might have been a little swamped, she never let on too much.  She would scold us every once in a while. (Usually she had a little sly grin on her face but she was serious.) Frita managed take over the leadership of the VYB, hold a job, participate in school activities, etc. and still keep a great attitude. Here's a huge shout out to Frita for producing a VYB, we'll never forget and for carrying such a gigantic amount of responsibility this year.  She truly "owned" it. Great job Frita and your team of videographers, editors, producers, actors, and crew. Great job.  (Frita, I could make this a really long blog post and tell people how you were when you first took this class - remember all the mess ups and goof ups?????I know you remember. You've left big shoes to fill for the next VYB exec. producer.) Congratulations!!!