Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Time to brag again, former Chronicle staff member is awesome

One my favorite things to do is brag about the students in our program.  I get to do that again today. Former Chronicle staff writer/reporter Miranda Carney is finishing her junior year at Ball State University and to my pleasant surprise she sent me an email yesterday updating me on all the things she's doing at BSU.   Her accomplishments are staggering:

  • She just returned from Cuba as part of a travel journalism class
  • USA Today is going to publish some of her work
  • She's creating a website that chronicles her Cuba experience and she's the editor
  • She got to be a part of an America group that was among the first to see Cuba first hand especially after some of the recent political developments.
  • She's an online producer for Ball State's school magazine Ball Bearings 
  • Two of her articles received the most views in the history of the online magazine
  • She's writing a multi-platform book about happiness through the perspectives of a wide array of individuals
  • She's a member of Kappa Tau Alpha, the journalism honor society
  • She's the scholarship winner for Ball State's outstanding journalism student (this is only given to one student)
  • She has interned for Cincinnati Magazine
  • In June she is interning for The Saturday Evening Post
  • Her experiences at Ball State have given her the opportunity to travel to Peru, Rome, Florence, Budapest, Vienna, London, Paris, Barcelona and Madrid
  • She contributes to USA Today College 
It is very exciting to hear from our former Chronicle staff members.  Miranda was one of the finest writers and reporters we've ever had on staff.  When Miranda was a senior she had some difficult decisions to make when it came to deciding on college.  She spent a few days stressing out about it - I remember she got down to her final two - Indiana University and Ball State University. The day she walked in and finally said "I'm going to Ball State," I could tell she was 100% confident in her choice.  There was no doubt Miranda was going to have a great college experience.  Last year when I was visiting Ball State for a journalism conference I got the chance to see Miranda and I could tell she was at home in their amazing journalism program.  If you're ever considering journalism or you want to learn more about Ball State's program, Miranda is a good resource. Another former awesome Chronicle staff making her mark in the world !!!  You can check out the article Miranda wrote that received the most views in the history of their site. Just click on the description to read the articles.

  1. The Red Zone is the first six weeks of school when students are most vulnerable to sexual assault, depression and alcohol abuse. This looks at the stories of three individuals who have survived these issues.
  2. We have had many local bars close due to a major chain bar coming into the area. This story looks at each of those bars and profiles what it means to be a bar at Ball State.

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