Monday, April 6, 2015

April Blog Post Winners

Current Chronicle Staff members blog post winner
Millions of girls were devastatingly upset and contributed to the Twitter explosion when Zayn Malik announced that he was leaving the tween-heartthrob boy band One Direction. Abbey Marshall was one of them. Abbey's blog post, however, isn't a tear-filled, nostalgic tribute to her favorite band's departing member -- it is an artful mix of Abbey's heartbreak and a somewhat surprising analysis of the worldwide effect soon after the announcement. And that's why Abbey's post stood out from the rest -- she discussed a personal topic, but was able to remove herself and speak to it from an intellectual standpoint. Abbey incorporates photos of "crazy" mourners on Tumblr, information about the stock market, tidbits of CNN's "survival kit" for parents with kids grieving over Malik and photos from the concert she attended (in Canada, of course). And that is truly inzayn.

Incoming/New Chronicle staff members blog post winner  
Jonathan McCollough and Asia Porter are you first place winners in the multimedia blog competition. The editors were impressed by Jonathan's unique and mature topic choice and Asia's ability to go above and beyond with depth and research on her topic.

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