Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Gay Telese, one of America's greatest story tellers

For those of you who like to write you're probably always looking for ways to get better. Sometimes you might experience writer's block or you're in search of that next great idea. Maybe you're just an aspiring journalist who wants to get better and you're willing to spend the time researching and studying the great masters to refine and perfect your craft. Gay Telese, a former New York Times reporter is a writer who some say invented literary journalism.  As you can on the right hand side of my blog page I'm currently reading The Kingdom and the Power by Telese.  This book is an inside look at the most prestigious and most powerful newspaper of all American newspapers, The New York Times. Telese now writes for The New Yorker.  I think you might like taking a look at how Telese takes notes and how he refuses to use a tape recorder. Check out this video.

April 29 MBC broadcast is excellent

Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Things you should have learned in high school; cool article on the Huffington Post

I stumbled on this article in the Huffington Post 50 Things I Wish I'd Have Been Taught In High School.  I thought the timing of the article was relevant since many of you have been talking about the things you should learn while in high school.

Friday, April 24, 2015

Rashika's opinion piece published on

The Chronicle staff member Rashika Jaipuriar has always had a gift when it comes to connecting her amazing writing ability with her opinion.  Take a moment to check out Rashika's blog to see her piece that was published yesterday on Student: Hijab debate unveils parents' biases.  Her piece is also generating a tremendous amount of comments. 
"The ugly truth is that despite our declarations of diversity, unconscious prejudice still lingers furtively. We are careful to avoid offensive words and anything politically incorrect, but what's the point of being publicly polite if you're going to be biased at home? "

Friday, April 17, 2015

How "Times" have changed

Isn't amazing how times or should I say "The Times" have changed. In January of 1954 The New York Times reported on the marriage of New York Yankee great Joe DiMaggio's marriage to starlet Marilyn Monroe.  Times picture Editor John Randolph randomly picked the picture you see here to go with the story.
Shortly after this picture was printed poor Randolph was fired as Picture Editor. Maybe not fired but he was delicately removed from his role and reassigned.  Randolph was a respected member of the staff but this open mouthed photo was just too "sexy" for the Times in 1954.
“The next morning, John Randolph was no less surprised than dozens of other Timesmen to hear that the picture in The Times had caused a ‘great flap’ in the publisher’s office, and that Randolph was no longer The Times’s picture editor. Randolph at first could not believe it. He could not believe, nor could other Timesmen, that Miss Monroe’s open-mouth French kiss would so offend the sensitivities of Arthur Hays Sulzberger, or Iphigene Sulzberger, or whoever may have registered an objection in the publisher’s office.”
Now this story does have a happy ending.  Randolph was assured by editor Turner Catledge that even though he was being moved to the copy desk his salary would not go down. Two years later Randolph was reassigned to the role of a lifetime. The Times' "Wood, Field, and Stream" columnist was leaving the Times and Randolph (a lover of the outdoors) was offered the job.  Randolph loved the job and his readers loved him. So in the end this "risque" picture that we would not even think twice about in 2015 helped Randolph get demoted to the position of a lifetime. But isn't amazing how our times and "The Times" have changed.  I don't need to describe the images you see on the news, in news magazines, and in newspapers today and to think, this picture of Monroe kissing her husband was simply too sexy for readers in 1954.  Wow, how times have changed.

Hot topic in today's Chronicle and O.U.'s Post

It's of ironic that today The Chronicle featured a story about inclusion "The Transgender Topic" by Ariel Jones and former Chronicle Editor-n-Chief Rebekah Barnes now a reporter for The Post at Ohio University wrote about the same topic. Check out here article here "Blueprints for change; Ohio University is working to make its bathrooms more accessible and inclusive"

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Former Chronicle staff writer reporting at Mt. St. Joseph

Monica Brucher, a freshman at Mt. St. Joseph University is a staff writer for Dateline, the Mount's online newspaper. Congratulations to Monica for staying involved with Journalism while in college. Once again another example of our former staff members making their mark at the college level. Monica is also a former Chronicle staff member.  Check out Monica's work here: Open Mic Night Packs Them In, Once Again by Monica Brucher.

Monday, April 13, 2015

Proud day for Chronicle alums

Miranda Carney (Ball State Univ.) Janica Kaneshiro (Indiana Univ. ) 
The Chronicle is proud today as we have learned that two former Chronicle staff members have recently been named Editor-n-Chief at their respective universities. Janica Kaneshiro and Miranda Carney from the class of 2012 will be heading up their publications next year.  Janica has been named EIC at the Indiana Daily Student, Indiana University's daily news source. Miranda Carney will be heading up Ball Bearings at Ball State University as their EIC. Congratulations to our former Chronicle staff members, you've made us all proud.

Friday, April 10, 2015

Reds open season with sweep of Pirates

After a long winter it's always great when the Reds open their season.  It's even greater when they open with a three game sweep of division rival Pittsburgh. All three games in the opening series came down to the wire.  Opening day - Frazier drills a homer to propel the Reds to victory.  Game two - opening night - after a long rain delay and then extra innings Votto knocks in a run in the 11th inning around 1:45 a.m. Then game three Marlon Byrd's line drive to right was misplayed by the Pirates right fielder driving home the winning run in the final inning.  Now the Cardinals come to town.  If former Chronicle staff member Fernanda Hurtado was still in class she would remind me how the Cardinals have dominated the Reds.  Fernanda, if you're out there.  I know what you're thinking.  Well, you know what I'm thinking too.  Go Reds.

Wednesday, April 8, 2015

The Blog Post winners celebrate with pizza

 Asia                              Jonathan                        Abbey
Our April blog post content winners - Asia Porter, Johnathan McCollough, and Abbey Marshall celebrate with pizza.  Congratulations to our April blog post winners for their outstanding blog posts. You can click on their name to check out their blog.

Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Time to Brag Some More - Dani's making the "Dean" List at OU

Dani Dean, an MBC Wall of Famer is making her mark at Ohio University.  Check out Dani in action at WOUB. Dani is a Broadcast Journalism Major in the E.W. Scripps School of Journalism at Ohio University.  Dani was among one of the best MBC teams we ever had.  As you know you hear me talking about multi-platform or multi-media journalism all the time - well check out this piece - they're even doing it at O.U.

Time to brag again, former Chronicle staff member is awesome

One my favorite things to do is brag about the students in our program.  I get to do that again today. Former Chronicle staff writer/reporter Miranda Carney is finishing her junior year at Ball State University and to my pleasant surprise she sent me an email yesterday updating me on all the things she's doing at BSU.   Her accomplishments are staggering:

  • She just returned from Cuba as part of a travel journalism class
  • USA Today is going to publish some of her work
  • She's creating a website that chronicles her Cuba experience and she's the editor
  • She got to be a part of an America group that was among the first to see Cuba first hand especially after some of the recent political developments.
  • She's an online producer for Ball State's school magazine Ball Bearings 
  • Two of her articles received the most views in the history of the online magazine
  • She's writing a multi-platform book about happiness through the perspectives of a wide array of individuals
  • She's a member of Kappa Tau Alpha, the journalism honor society
  • She's the scholarship winner for Ball State's outstanding journalism student (this is only given to one student)
  • She has interned for Cincinnati Magazine
  • In June she is interning for The Saturday Evening Post
  • Her experiences at Ball State have given her the opportunity to travel to Peru, Rome, Florence, Budapest, Vienna, London, Paris, Barcelona and Madrid
  • She contributes to USA Today College 
It is very exciting to hear from our former Chronicle staff members.  Miranda was one of the finest writers and reporters we've ever had on staff.  When Miranda was a senior she had some difficult decisions to make when it came to deciding on college.  She spent a few days stressing out about it - I remember she got down to her final two - Indiana University and Ball State University. The day she walked in and finally said "I'm going to Ball State," I could tell she was 100% confident in her choice.  There was no doubt Miranda was going to have a great college experience.  Last year when I was visiting Ball State for a journalism conference I got the chance to see Miranda and I could tell she was at home in their amazing journalism program.  If you're ever considering journalism or you want to learn more about Ball State's program, Miranda is a good resource. Another former awesome Chronicle staff making her mark in the world !!!  You can check out the article Miranda wrote that received the most views in the history of their site. Just click on the description to read the articles.

  1. The Red Zone is the first six weeks of school when students are most vulnerable to sexual assault, depression and alcohol abuse. This looks at the stories of three individuals who have survived these issues.
  2. We have had many local bars close due to a major chain bar coming into the area. This story looks at each of those bars and profiles what it means to be a bar at Ball State.

Monday, April 6, 2015

April Blog Post Winners

Current Chronicle Staff members blog post winner
Millions of girls were devastatingly upset and contributed to the Twitter explosion when Zayn Malik announced that he was leaving the tween-heartthrob boy band One Direction. Abbey Marshall was one of them. Abbey's blog post, however, isn't a tear-filled, nostalgic tribute to her favorite band's departing member -- it is an artful mix of Abbey's heartbreak and a somewhat surprising analysis of the worldwide effect soon after the announcement. And that's why Abbey's post stood out from the rest -- she discussed a personal topic, but was able to remove herself and speak to it from an intellectual standpoint. Abbey incorporates photos of "crazy" mourners on Tumblr, information about the stock market, tidbits of CNN's "survival kit" for parents with kids grieving over Malik and photos from the concert she attended (in Canada, of course). And that is truly inzayn.

Incoming/New Chronicle staff members blog post winner  
Jonathan McCollough and Asia Porter are you first place winners in the multimedia blog competition. The editors were impressed by Jonathan's unique and mature topic choice and Asia's ability to go above and beyond with depth and research on her topic.