Friday, March 13, 2015

The "Marshall" Plan supports MBC

Chronicle blogger Abbey Marshall, a strong advocate for journalism as Mason High School recently blogged about the role of journalism and MBC at MHS.  I'm so impressed with Abbey's voice in this piece.  The know Abbey's fellow journalists will agree with what she has to say and appreciate her opinion.
"Journalism is an obligation to the people; it services the public by providing news and information. Students at Mason High School have been striving to achieve this goal for years, through the print journalism of The Chronicle or the broadcast journalism of MBC. Firsthand, I understand all the time and effort put behind these productions and know how grueling this process can sometimes be, but every second is worth it when I see a student holding a copy of our newspaper."
Abbey and her fellow colleagues on the staff of MBC perform a vital function at MHS. It is impressive how the two groups have supported each other this year.
"Although I am not a part of the MBC team, I have feelings of deep respect and camaraderie with them. I was motivated by the exceptional broadcast this past Wednesday to write this, because it doesn’t feel right that something this good is kept from students. It saddens me that they need to use the hashtag #DemandMBC to get teachers to show the broadcast because it shouldn’t be something that should be demanded; it should be something that is a right. I imagine the outrage I would feel if we were kept from sharing The Chronicle with people and I simply couldn’t come to grips with it." 

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