Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Our bloggers are kicking some....

I took a nice little stroll through "Blogically Speaking " today and I'm pleased to report our bloggers are really doing a great job. I shouldn't be surprised but I have to admit in these dog days of the school year when everyone is looking forward to Spring Break, Prom, and Graduation it can be kind of a chore to sit down and go blogging. In A Drop of Sheila, Sheila takes a sentimental stroll through her family's scrapbook, takes time to comment on the First Amendment and then manages inform Madonna that she's washed up. Just a few clicks away I was over at Erin Brush's blog. Erin knows how to get me to read her blog and once again I took the bait because she mentioned one of my favorite books in her blog. The "Stich" Gabrielle Stichweh has really been ruling the blog roost lately with some extremely thoughtful and deep blog posts.  I found her most recent blog post on the "So You're 18" presentation to be required reading.  The Marshall Plan has a blog post that all you Parks and Recreation fans should read. On one Chronicle blog you can read lighthearted tales of popular comedy shows and then your navigation may steer your toward Kelly Noriega where her most recent blog post had me completely locked in.  In Kelly's blog post "Locker Room Talk," Kelly focuses on the topic of eating disorders and how we shouldn't trivialize things we don't understand. Another few clicks away I stumbled onto "A Dash of Ash."  Ashton tells us why sometimes she struggles to sleep but her twilight inspirations can be worth the lack of sleep. Over at "To Blog...Or Nahv," our blogger touches on a topic that has consumed a lot of our conversations lately. Kylie McCalmont's blog post last week is definitely worth the read, especially if you like to shop and you're into zip robes (and grandma's nightgown sections at Kohls.) It was just a matter of time before I headed over to Erin McElhenney's blog - which I have to admit has the best name for a blog - "Word Vomit" - if there was an award for best blog name she would win it.  I guess we could come up with that award. At Word Vomit, Erin manages to discuss her future and then by some fate of her typing fingers she weaves in the plight of Monica Lewinsky.  Our bloggers continue grow in their blogging. I enjoy the topics, the maturity and depth of how they treat their subject matter - it truly is impressive.  Keep up the good work.

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