Thursday, February 5, 2015

Getin' her blog on

"The Stich" responds. 
No matter what side of the aisle you fall on when it comes to issues I always like a good debate.  I think debate sharpens us and it helps us see both sides of an issue.  This week Gabrielle "The Stich"Stichweh blogged in response to a column that appeared in The Chronicle by Jessica Sommerville.  I think these two young women are incredibly articulate and intelligent. Jessica made some very thought provoking comments in her column last week "Wait one Second" and the "Stich" weighed in with her blog post  "Trained for that Second."  It is exciting to see such a diversity of opinion resides among our students. It is also very cool to see our staff members using their blogs to shape and voice their own opinions.  The topic is one that can be divisive but I know because of their mutual respect for one another I don't have to worry about a divide being created between these two talented students. Sometimes it doesn't matter what someone's opinion is, it's just nice they actually have one.

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