Friday, December 11, 2015

The occupational hazard of a sports columnist

Last night the Iowa State Cyclones knocked off arch (in state) rival Iowa in college hoops.  As you know fans storming the court has become the norm when a huge win or an upset occurs but last night the unthinkable happened when Des Moines Register columnist Randy Peterson suffered a broken leg when Cyclone fans stormed the court. The topic of fans storming the court made its way to Mike and Mike and this morning.  One of the Mike's even admitted that he once stormed the court when Northwestern knocked off defending national champion Indiana. 
This is a picture of Mr. Peterson in the hospital. He is still
wearing his press pass. 

Friday, December 4, 2015

Rashika making a splash in the Daily Orange

It' good to see former Chronicle staff members still flexing their writing muscles long after they've left they confines of C103.   Rashika Jaipuriar (now a freshman at Syracuse University) recent piece in the Daily Orange at Syracuse touched a nerve and dealt with a topic that is getting a lot of pub across the country right now. After student protests at the University of Missouri led to the ouster of the college presidents more colleges are standing up and taking notice.  Rashika touches on that subject here
"While the administration’s motives or intentions are most likely genuine, it is important to question whether universities simply give in to demands to pacify protesters and if these policies really change the day-to-day lives of students."

Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Journalists do it because they love it

I read an article recently in The New York Times by Op-Ed writer Hector Tobar.  (Tobar is also a journalism professor at the University of Oregon's School of Journalism and Communication) His piece "Who'd Be a Journalist?" is a must read for all aspiring journalists, reporters, and story tellers. I like stories and from what I can tell the students who pursue journalism and media in our school like telling stories.  It really doesn't matter what the topic - it could be about teachers eating raunchy tasting food, stories about young people struggling with their identity, a report about the recent accomplishment of an athletic team - stories are just great to tell.  I enjoy hearing students talk about what they learned or how cool it was to meet the people they were reporting on or writing about.  That's the gist of Tobar's piece.
"To enter journalism these days you have to be a true believer. If you can find an entry-level job — and newspaper staffs declined by 10 percent last year — you will more than likely take a vow of poverty worthy of a monk. Even in television, a news reporter can make as little as $18,000 a year.
The truth is that the best journalists connect with readers, viewers and listeners by being open-minded and compassionate. That’s one reason so many people remain in the profession, despite the poor pay and long hours."
I think people are always going to want information.  Maybe newspapers at the end of our driveways will die off some day but what we're learning is that community journalism is alive and well.  In communities there are tons of stories to tell but no one is telling them.  Major metropolitan newspapers are catering to "old reliable" stories about business, politics, and crime (well I guess I should throw controversial topics in there as well.) The Cincinnati Enquirer is packed with information from their parent company Gannett so most of the Enquirer is a mini version of packages from USA Today.  But in the meantime the business, governmental, educational, athletic and community features are in search of a news home.

I tell the young reporters I teach at the University of Oregon to ignore the gloom that surrounds the profession and its future. People will always have an appetite for true stories well told. And they will never stop wanting essential information, delivered quickly and accurately. 

I highly recommend every student on The Chronicle staff and any student in our media program who has an interest in being the multi-media reporters and story tellers of the future - READ THIS STORY "WHO'D BE A JOURNALIST?" by HECTOR TOBAR.  

Former MBC Staff member has eye witness account

Gabe Dubois, now a sophomore at the University of Missouri passed this along on his blog.  Gabe was covering the news when news actually happened.  He was a journalist and an eye witness.
Check out Gabe's post Witness. 

Wednesday, October 21, 2015

I am wimp, I just can't decide, the blogger of the week is........

This picture has nothing to do with my
 blog or even the blogger of the week.
I just thought it was funny.
I'm usually pretty good at making a choice and sticking with it.  I just read through the blogs from The Chronicle staff and for the first time in a long time I'm speechless and I've come to the realization that I am unable to make a choice.  I'm wimping out ! This was collectively the best blog posts I've ever read. The posts are amazing.  I'm sure everyone didn't spend time reading each blog post but if you did everyone in class would be giving Arnav a huge "high five." I'm not going to say anything about his blog because you've gotta go read it. If you plan on reading Jess Sayin you will need Google translator or a Spanish teacher. As for what Lysko is doing I'm not sure! Blake has an incredible story.  I can't believe the position you put me in this week.  These posts are amazing. I hope you're sharing your blog posts in your English classes or with anyone who will listen or even won't listen. Oh My gosh, Abbey Marshall, you are a champion. I hope people will read your blog.  I'm sure you all want me to "take a stand" - "just pick a blog" - "just get it done." Well I'm going to get it done and collectively proclaim The Chronicle staff can flat out BLOG.  You are all the bloggers of the week......except ιού άρη αλλ αωεσομε

Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Woodward and Bernstein still fascinate

I'm now on to my next book for reading enjoyment. After reading "Black Mass," about Boston gangster Whitey Bulger. (I want to check out the movie where Johnny Depp plays Whitey)  I'm usually a non-fiction guy and once again I've turned to another piece of non-fiction to entertain me.  "All the President's Men," by Bob Woodward and Carl Bernstein. I was watching a piece on CBS Sunday Morning the other day about Alexander Butterfield. Buttefield was one of President Nixon's aides who was aware of the secret audio taping approved by Nixon.  Butterfield turned those tapes over to Bob Woodward. Those tapes are the focus of Woodward's new book "The Last of the President's Men." The interview with Butterfield made me scour my bookshelves for a copy of "All the President's Men."  And now the journey begins.  As a journalist I'm anxious to dive back into this story and not only learn more about this blemish on the American presidency but also admire the courageous work and good old fashion reporting turned in by these talented journalists.

Thursday, September 24, 2015

True Story or not, stick to the facts

I saw an interesting movie over the weekend.  It's called True Story and I really can't believe I let this one slip under the radar.  This is a true story about former New York Times Magazine reporter Michael Finkel. Finkel climbed the ranks to a coveted position as a feature writer but then due to inaccuracies in some of his pieces the magazine let him go.  This is where things get really crazy, it turns out a murderer was using Finkel's name as an alias.  Finkel ends up interviewing the murderer and becoming one his closet confidants. Finkel goes on to write a book about his interactions with murderer Christian Longo. For journalism and suspense fans this is definitely a good movie. Check out this article  The True Story Behind 'True Story'

Friday, September 4, 2015

Blogger of the Week - 'Disching' it up

This past week the staff members of The Chronicle had to write their first blog post of the year.  I know sometimes this is a pain in the neck for some people but I do think our writers find it as a unique way to share a little bit from their perspective.  While I did like all the blog posts two really stuck out to me. Ariel Jones (Keeping up with the Jones) provides a very personal perspective on her evolution as a student at MHS. Thank you for sharing Ariel.  And you know I have to like Juliana Discher's (The Disch) post. She is talking journalism and if you know how to get a shout out for blogging just mention something about journalism. I have to admit Asia Porter and Blake Nissen did hit a home run with their posts.  I highly recommend taking a moment to visit Asia and Blake. Great job Blogging.

Thursday, August 20, 2015

Wow, the places you can go

Today, I was surfing through the work our students have done and I was just amazed at all the cool places you can go to check the work produced by the journalism and media students.  We have so much talent. Now we've kicked off the 2015-16 school year and another group of superstars are getting ready to produce some great projects.  Click on the links to check out the "places" you can go.
Integrated Media You Tube, The Comet Student Press Network (, MBC 2.0, MBC, The Chronicle, and MHS Sports Radio.

Wednesday, July 29, 2015

MBC staff members have been busy this summer

Check out Cullen all dress up on set.  Looking good Cullen. And of course there's Lily on the right taking a moment to go 'Diva with her fellow interns at OU. 

I've got to give a huge shout out to Cullen Ecoffey and Lily Vardanyan for their commitment to becoming better journalists this summer.  Of course you know The Chronicle staff attended the summer journalism program at Ohio University but Lily (who is also participating as an intern with WCPO in Cincinnati) ventured to Athens as well for the summer program.  Way to go Lily (you are way more than a 'Dare Diva.') Cullen attended the summer program at the University of Missouri.  You can check out Cullen's experience here on his blog.  He has some great pictures. Awesome work Cullen.  I also want to give another shout out to Lily - her story this past year on the Amnesty International group at MHS was picked up by the World News Network.  Lily's story was seen worldwide.  Welcome to modern journalism.  You say it in Mason and a few hours later they're watching your story in far away lands.  You can click on this highlighted link to check out Lily's story.

Monday, July 27, 2015

Got some catching up to do

A lot's been going on this summer and it seems I've let the blogging slide.  But there's still some things to catch up on.
- First of all I'm OK with the trade of Johnny Cueto to the Kansas City Royals.  Johnny is an incredible pitcher but the Reds were not going to be able to resign him next year.  So they did the next best thing and got three solid pitching prospects who according to many baseball experts should all pitch in the MLB.
- Next I finally finished the book I've been reading for about a year, The Kingdom and the Power by Gay Talese. This fascinating book goes in depth on how The New York Times was built by a family who has been able to maintain "The Gray Lady" since 1896. Why did it take me so long to finish the book?  Well first of all it is kind of long but reading it requires research.  Just about every time I would encounter an event in history that the author described in the book I would want to Google the event to learn more.  What I found most fascinating was how the Ochs-Sulzberger family has held control of this amazing institution since the late 1800's. For any aspiring journalist it is worth reading. 
- I've been doing some blog viewing lately and I have to admit some of our current and former staff members are doing some incredible blogging.  You've got to check out former Chronicle staff member and founder of Chronsgiving Katherine Hansen's blog.  Katherine attends BYU and instead of heading home for the summer and lounging by the pool or working some boring summer job she's been in Taiwan creating amazing memories. Check out her blog here. Katherine Hansen's blog.
- Next I headed over to Gina Deaton's blog.  Gina will be the new Editor in Chief of The Chronicle this year and I was happy to see Gina trying new things when she and The Chronicle staff attended the summer high school journalism institute at Ohio University.  Check out Gina's blog here.   Gina will continue the legacy of incredible editors who have led The Chronicle staff over the past several years.
- Not to be outdone Abbey Marshall and Matt Marvar knocked it out of the ballpark on a piece they produced at the OU workshop. Check out Abbey's blog here.
- And I have to admit I was pretty excited that new Chronicle staff member Asia Porter mentioned me in the headline of a blog post this summer.  I like it when bloggers follow other bloggers (especially award winning bloggers like myself) and use that blog to help generate content or further a discussion on their blog.  Awesome job Asia and thanks for giving me a spot in your headline.  Asia is among a group of some of the most talented new recruits the Chronicle has ever brought on staff.  I can't wait to work with Asia and her fellow rookies.  Yeah, sorry, first year members you might get called rookies for a while but probably not for long.
- Of course checking out the blogs and thinking about the school year got me kind of excited about many of the things that we enjoy on The Chronicle staff.  Celebrating an edition of the newspaper with food Friday.  Of course the "Dish's" powerpoints provide us all with a little dose of reality. Designing a new t-shirt for 2015-16, making fun of Matt Marvar or Arnav, seeing if Eric Miller is almost seven feet tall yet, or if he has more hair, quotable moments that get slapped on the board (be careful what you say, it may end up on the board all year), Sundae Thursdays, Gina and her weird green fascination, Abbey the sassy ginger, Marvar with shorts that are just a little too short, churning out incredible editions of The Chronicle, reading Jess Sayin's amazing pieces that seem to come from some imagination that most of us can only dream about, laughing a lot, working hard, polishing off a Hell Week with The Chronicle that we know will end up in the hands of nearly 4,000 students and staff at MHS, all the new ideas that will be discussed this year - there's a lot more I could mention but you're getting sick of reading this by now.
- Oh yeah, I really liked The Disch's blog. She has a great package that she produced at OU and some great pictures.  Memories, I'm so pleased to see our staff members develop friendships and good memories.  We want you to have a lot of both.
So, it's probably time to close up shop for today. So being the good twitter stalker that I am I thought I would throw up some of the pictures I snagged from the OU experience. 
Eric Michael and Eric Miller must be fascinated by something.  Big E is probably sitting there thinking about how Penn State is going to back to uniforms without the names on the back of the jersey. Check out Gina and Abbey.  Gina is sitting there going please Abbey shut up, let me talk.  Abbey is like what do I do with my hands? Kylie has discovered the selfie stick, what the heck is wrong with Isabell? Meghan is always smiling. Erin is probably telling Jonathan that despite what everyone says she's really a nice girl.  And of course how often do you get to learn about history from the person who made history?  Abbey, Jess, Ashton, and Disch hanging out with Mary Beth Tinker.

Saturday, July 11, 2015

DC at Epcot or is that a giant golf ball behind us?

I got the chance to head to Orlando recently and visit Epcot at Walt Disney World.  It was a pretty cool experience.  Besides seeing the biggest chipmunk in the world - I mean this thing was huge - as big as a human - it was a pretty cool experience.  My son and I designed our own thrill ride and got to ride our invention, toured some pretty awesome science and tech stuff, and soared through the air in a virtual hang glider over California. I think I waited in line almost two hours for this thing but it was worth it. 

We also visited Lego Land and Sea World. I did like the whales and dolphins at Sea World - pretty amazing what they can do with those ocean giants. I know a lot of critics out there think the folks at Sea World mistreat the whales and dolphins but Shamu looked pretty happy.

Congratulations to former MBC/Chronicle superstar - now anchoring at NBC 14 News

Mason, MBC, and Chronicle alum Deanna Allbrittin is climbing quickly.  It wasn't long ago Deanna was covering the news as a part of The Chronicle and MBC staff, now she's anchoring at NBC 14 in Evansville.  Congratuations Deanna.

Wednesday, June 17, 2015

The Chronicle staff getting their Summer On !


Monday, June 8, 2015

Chronicle is proud of a great leader and teammate

Erin Brush just finished a three year career as a member of The Chronicle.  She has been the Sports Editor and the Managing Editor.  Erin will be attending Johns Hopkins University next fall.  She graduates from Mason as one of the most decorated athletes in Comets' history.  She has either won or been a part of several GMC and state championship teams in Cross Country and Track & Field.  She has an impressive resume but what may not show up on that resume is just how great a person Erin is - She has been a tremendous leader and teammate and anyone who has worked with Erin knows that - The Chronicle staff is proud of you for such a great running career at MHS.  This past weekend Erin was once again a part of more outstanding accomplishments on the track. Congratulations Erin.

MBC alum's job puts her on the field with the Reds

Former MBC staff member and MBC Wall of Famer Erin Kearney has a cool job with the Cincinnati Reds as a social media host.  Yes, you can get a job in social media.  Let's face it someone has to do all those posts on twitter, facebook, etc.  Erin's job also has some nice fringe benefits. She gets to hang out with the Reds.  Nice job Erin. (Erin just happens to be a big Reds fan too.) Just in case you need help, the guy in the Reds' hat is Todd Frazier, Erin is on the right but I hope you can figure that out.

Wednesday, May 27, 2015

The best team at Mason this year is....

The Mason Comets have won many league, sectional, district, regional, and state titles this year but the team of the year for 2014-15 is the MHS Sports Radio team.  This team of dedicated broadcasters and tweeters spent the year delivering sports news and information to followers far and near. Congratulations to this fine team.  They are truly a team of champions. A huge thank you goes to MHS Sports Radio director Kevin Carey (no relation to Harry Caray .)  Kevin was an incredible leader and in recognition of Kevin's tremendous commitment to MHS Sports Radio we will be giving an out award each year to the most committed member of the MHS Sports Radio team. The award will be called the Kevin Carey Commitment to Sports Radio award.

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

The Chronicle 2014-15 staff is awesome, congratulations seniors

Congratulations to the tremendous staff of The Chronicle.  Our staff once again performed above and beyond the call of duty.  Thank you for all your hard work and a huge THANKS goes out to our seniors - Sheila (Indiana University), Erin (Johns Hopkins University), "The Stich (University of Cincinnati)," Zane (Bowling Green State University), Sonia (Penn State University), Kelly (The Ohio State University), and Emily (Miami University).

Monday, May 18, 2015

A proud dad watches his son contribute to a championship baseball team

I want to give a shout out to my son Bryce and his teammates on the Freshman Green Baseball team for their GMC Championship.  Coach Mays and his staff guided a great group of boys to a well deserved championship.  In the GMC tournament they defeated Colerain, Lakota East, and in the finals they were victorious over Fairfield.  As a proud dad, I valued every minute of watching my son enjoy his baseball experience as a part of this fine team.

Friday, May 15, 2015

MBC/Chronicle College Signing Day, Awesome Students, So much for the diet !

I have the most awesome students in the world. Evidence - check out the cookie they gave me yesterday at MBC/Chronicle College Signing Day.  There goes the diet.  It didn't take long for about half of that thing to get devoured last night when I got home.  It was a great day. Check out the list of MBCers and Chroners who made their college commitments.
Paige Osterwisch
Miami University
Erin Brush
Johns Hopkins University
BriAuna Keys
Northern KY Univ.
Frita Beauchamp
Columbia College, Chicago
Sheila Raghavendran
Indiana Univ.
Laura Hicks
Univ. of Alabama
Gabrielle Stichweh
Univ. of Cincinnati
Zane Miler
Bowling Green State Univ.
Kevin Carey
Northern KY Univ.
Cory Harbatkin
Univ. of Cincinnati
Emily Wilhelm
Univ. of Cincinnati
Ryan Jordan
Univ. of Cincinnati
Mark Brackman
Northern KY Univ.
Katelyn Emter
Ohio University
Abby Woolum
Univ. of Dayton
Mark Iannuzzi
Florida Southern College
Sonia Rayka
Penn State Univ.
Katie Hermann
Univ. of Toledo
Jessica Brewer
Ohio University
Kelly Noriega
Ohio State Univ.
Emily Culberson
Miami University
Breanne Gibb
Riley Chapman
Columbia College, Chicago
Mitchell Hillbrands
Univ. of South Carolina
Kylie Agin
Ohio Univ.
JJ Haltman
Northern KY Univ.
Mason Eagle
Miami University
Hira Qureshi
Kent State University
Rashika Jaipuriar
Syracuse University
Lizzie Bowden
Univ. of South Carolina
Yash Pdhye
Ball State University
Keefer Kaneshiro
Ohio University

Monday, May 11, 2015

Great news about former Chronicle staff member

Trevor Maxim, (Mason and Chronicle class of 2010) is using his journalism and Chronicle experience as he pursues his law degree at the University Southern California.  Trevor received his undergraduate degree from the University of Miami (the Florida one).  At the "U" Trevor majored in Motion Pictures and Economics. In fact while in college he wrote four feature length scrips and interned with productions companies in Miami and L.A.  Now Trevor has decided the business side of entertainment is where he sees himself fitting in - so he headed to USC (University of Southern California) to pursue entertainment law. This summer Trevor has a legal internship with the production company that produces Top Chef, Project Runway, and Last Comic Standing to name a few. He is hope is to eventually work in the legal department of a production company. Trevor has some great advice for any student who might be thinking about law school eventually.  Trevor wanted me to pass along to any of journalism students that if you have any questions for him or would like to talk about the entertainment industry, please don't hesitate to ask (get his contact info from Mr. Conner). Trevor also wanted to pass along this great story about the recent defamation case against HBO. HBO is being sued by a major soccer equipment company for an allegedly defamatory story on Real Sports with Bryant Gumbel regarding child labor used in soccer ball manufacturing.  This case could have huge implications on print and broadcast journalists. 
 "I genuinely think journalism training is great preparation for law school.  I was also an editor of the student magazine at Miami, so I always thought back to my experiences at The Chronicle.  My legal writing professor has explicitly said that he thinks journalistic writing is a good model for persuasive legal brief writing -- where you have to be objectively truthful yet convince a judge or jury to sympathize with your client.  That could be something to remind students who are considering going into law eventually".

Friday, May 8, 2015

The newest members of the MBC Wall of Fame

It has become a tradition with MBC.  What started out as a few ambitious students almost 15 years ago has turned into an institution. MBC. Their goal 15 years ago was to produce an entertaining and informative broadcast about students for students.  At the conclusion of that first year the students said we need to honor those people who have gone above and beyond for the good of MBC. That thought spawned the MBC Wall of Fame.  Now we have a full wall of students who made contributions that have gone above and beyond.  What makes this cool is that those who have found their images preserved on this wall were nominated and picked by their peers. Congratulations to this amazing new MBC Wall of Fame Class of 2015.  Your Wall of Famers are: Cory Harbatkin, Katelyn Emter, Riley Chapman, Salvador Mendoza, Frita Beauchamp, Kevin Carey, and Emily Wilhelm.

Thursday, May 7, 2015

The MBC Power Team goes into the Shark Tank

MBC was well represented yesterday when Serina Cline headed up the team of Salvador Mendoza, Allie Evans, Tori McVey, and Erin McElhenny in a presentation to the high administrative team. Their goal: Get the MBC broadcast back into the school day for all students to view.  All MBC'ers (past and present) are thankful for their preparation and courage as they took on the challenging task of presenting to the entire high school principal team.  This group really put a lot of effort into their presentation.  Everyone involved with MBC should be  appreciative of this great team. If you're involved in any way with MBC and proud of the work we do then you should pass on the word to help get more support for getting the MBC broadcast back into the school day during a dedicated time period. Job well done.  (Oh yeah, Sal's liking the ratio!!!)

Friday, May 1, 2015

So proud of Frita Bolita today - great job on the 2014 - 15 Video Yearbook

When Frita rolled into MHS this year she told me she wanted to be the video yearbook editor/exec. producer.  This is a big job so I was a little worried Frita might be overwhelmed.  Even though there were times when she might have been a little swamped, she never let on too much.  She would scold us every once in a while. (Usually she had a little sly grin on her face but she was serious.) Frita managed take over the leadership of the VYB, hold a job, participate in school activities, etc. and still keep a great attitude. Here's a huge shout out to Frita for producing a VYB, we'll never forget and for carrying such a gigantic amount of responsibility this year.  She truly "owned" it. Great job Frita and your team of videographers, editors, producers, actors, and crew. Great job.  (Frita, I could make this a really long blog post and tell people how you were when you first took this class - remember all the mess ups and goof ups?????I know you remember. You've left big shoes to fill for the next VYB exec. producer.) Congratulations!!!

Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Gay Telese, one of America's greatest story tellers

For those of you who like to write you're probably always looking for ways to get better. Sometimes you might experience writer's block or you're in search of that next great idea. Maybe you're just an aspiring journalist who wants to get better and you're willing to spend the time researching and studying the great masters to refine and perfect your craft. Gay Telese, a former New York Times reporter is a writer who some say invented literary journalism.  As you can on the right hand side of my blog page I'm currently reading The Kingdom and the Power by Telese.  This book is an inside look at the most prestigious and most powerful newspaper of all American newspapers, The New York Times. Telese now writes for The New Yorker.  I think you might like taking a look at how Telese takes notes and how he refuses to use a tape recorder. Check out this video.

April 29 MBC broadcast is excellent

Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Things you should have learned in high school; cool article on the Huffington Post

I stumbled on this article in the Huffington Post 50 Things I Wish I'd Have Been Taught In High School.  I thought the timing of the article was relevant since many of you have been talking about the things you should learn while in high school.

Friday, April 24, 2015

Rashika's opinion piece published on

The Chronicle staff member Rashika Jaipuriar has always had a gift when it comes to connecting her amazing writing ability with her opinion.  Take a moment to check out Rashika's blog to see her piece that was published yesterday on Student: Hijab debate unveils parents' biases.  Her piece is also generating a tremendous amount of comments. 
"The ugly truth is that despite our declarations of diversity, unconscious prejudice still lingers furtively. We are careful to avoid offensive words and anything politically incorrect, but what's the point of being publicly polite if you're going to be biased at home? "

Friday, April 17, 2015

How "Times" have changed

Isn't amazing how times or should I say "The Times" have changed. In January of 1954 The New York Times reported on the marriage of New York Yankee great Joe DiMaggio's marriage to starlet Marilyn Monroe.  Times picture Editor John Randolph randomly picked the picture you see here to go with the story.
Shortly after this picture was printed poor Randolph was fired as Picture Editor. Maybe not fired but he was delicately removed from his role and reassigned.  Randolph was a respected member of the staff but this open mouthed photo was just too "sexy" for the Times in 1954.
“The next morning, John Randolph was no less surprised than dozens of other Timesmen to hear that the picture in The Times had caused a ‘great flap’ in the publisher’s office, and that Randolph was no longer The Times’s picture editor. Randolph at first could not believe it. He could not believe, nor could other Timesmen, that Miss Monroe’s open-mouth French kiss would so offend the sensitivities of Arthur Hays Sulzberger, or Iphigene Sulzberger, or whoever may have registered an objection in the publisher’s office.”
Now this story does have a happy ending.  Randolph was assured by editor Turner Catledge that even though he was being moved to the copy desk his salary would not go down. Two years later Randolph was reassigned to the role of a lifetime. The Times' "Wood, Field, and Stream" columnist was leaving the Times and Randolph (a lover of the outdoors) was offered the job.  Randolph loved the job and his readers loved him. So in the end this "risque" picture that we would not even think twice about in 2015 helped Randolph get demoted to the position of a lifetime. But isn't amazing how our times and "The Times" have changed.  I don't need to describe the images you see on the news, in news magazines, and in newspapers today and to think, this picture of Monroe kissing her husband was simply too sexy for readers in 1954.  Wow, how times have changed.

Hot topic in today's Chronicle and O.U.'s Post

It's of ironic that today The Chronicle featured a story about inclusion "The Transgender Topic" by Ariel Jones and former Chronicle Editor-n-Chief Rebekah Barnes now a reporter for The Post at Ohio University wrote about the same topic. Check out here article here "Blueprints for change; Ohio University is working to make its bathrooms more accessible and inclusive"

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Former Chronicle staff writer reporting at Mt. St. Joseph

Monica Brucher, a freshman at Mt. St. Joseph University is a staff writer for Dateline, the Mount's online newspaper. Congratulations to Monica for staying involved with Journalism while in college. Once again another example of our former staff members making their mark at the college level. Monica is also a former Chronicle staff member.  Check out Monica's work here: Open Mic Night Packs Them In, Once Again by Monica Brucher.

Monday, April 13, 2015

Proud day for Chronicle alums

Miranda Carney (Ball State Univ.) Janica Kaneshiro (Indiana Univ. ) 
The Chronicle is proud today as we have learned that two former Chronicle staff members have recently been named Editor-n-Chief at their respective universities. Janica Kaneshiro and Miranda Carney from the class of 2012 will be heading up their publications next year.  Janica has been named EIC at the Indiana Daily Student, Indiana University's daily news source. Miranda Carney will be heading up Ball Bearings at Ball State University as their EIC. Congratulations to our former Chronicle staff members, you've made us all proud.

Friday, April 10, 2015

Reds open season with sweep of Pirates

After a long winter it's always great when the Reds open their season.  It's even greater when they open with a three game sweep of division rival Pittsburgh. All three games in the opening series came down to the wire.  Opening day - Frazier drills a homer to propel the Reds to victory.  Game two - opening night - after a long rain delay and then extra innings Votto knocks in a run in the 11th inning around 1:45 a.m. Then game three Marlon Byrd's line drive to right was misplayed by the Pirates right fielder driving home the winning run in the final inning.  Now the Cardinals come to town.  If former Chronicle staff member Fernanda Hurtado was still in class she would remind me how the Cardinals have dominated the Reds.  Fernanda, if you're out there.  I know what you're thinking.  Well, you know what I'm thinking too.  Go Reds.

Wednesday, April 8, 2015

The Blog Post winners celebrate with pizza

 Asia                              Jonathan                        Abbey
Our April blog post content winners - Asia Porter, Johnathan McCollough, and Abbey Marshall celebrate with pizza.  Congratulations to our April blog post winners for their outstanding blog posts. You can click on their name to check out their blog.

Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Time to Brag Some More - Dani's making the "Dean" List at OU

Dani Dean, an MBC Wall of Famer is making her mark at Ohio University.  Check out Dani in action at WOUB. Dani is a Broadcast Journalism Major in the E.W. Scripps School of Journalism at Ohio University.  Dani was among one of the best MBC teams we ever had.  As you know you hear me talking about multi-platform or multi-media journalism all the time - well check out this piece - they're even doing it at O.U.

Time to brag again, former Chronicle staff member is awesome

One my favorite things to do is brag about the students in our program.  I get to do that again today. Former Chronicle staff writer/reporter Miranda Carney is finishing her junior year at Ball State University and to my pleasant surprise she sent me an email yesterday updating me on all the things she's doing at BSU.   Her accomplishments are staggering:

  • She just returned from Cuba as part of a travel journalism class
  • USA Today is going to publish some of her work
  • She's creating a website that chronicles her Cuba experience and she's the editor
  • She got to be a part of an America group that was among the first to see Cuba first hand especially after some of the recent political developments.
  • She's an online producer for Ball State's school magazine Ball Bearings 
  • Two of her articles received the most views in the history of the online magazine
  • She's writing a multi-platform book about happiness through the perspectives of a wide array of individuals
  • She's a member of Kappa Tau Alpha, the journalism honor society
  • She's the scholarship winner for Ball State's outstanding journalism student (this is only given to one student)
  • She has interned for Cincinnati Magazine
  • In June she is interning for The Saturday Evening Post
  • Her experiences at Ball State have given her the opportunity to travel to Peru, Rome, Florence, Budapest, Vienna, London, Paris, Barcelona and Madrid
  • She contributes to USA Today College 
It is very exciting to hear from our former Chronicle staff members.  Miranda was one of the finest writers and reporters we've ever had on staff.  When Miranda was a senior she had some difficult decisions to make when it came to deciding on college.  She spent a few days stressing out about it - I remember she got down to her final two - Indiana University and Ball State University. The day she walked in and finally said "I'm going to Ball State," I could tell she was 100% confident in her choice.  There was no doubt Miranda was going to have a great college experience.  Last year when I was visiting Ball State for a journalism conference I got the chance to see Miranda and I could tell she was at home in their amazing journalism program.  If you're ever considering journalism or you want to learn more about Ball State's program, Miranda is a good resource. Another former awesome Chronicle staff making her mark in the world !!!  You can check out the article Miranda wrote that received the most views in the history of their site. Just click on the description to read the articles.

  1. The Red Zone is the first six weeks of school when students are most vulnerable to sexual assault, depression and alcohol abuse. This looks at the stories of three individuals who have survived these issues.
  2. We have had many local bars close due to a major chain bar coming into the area. This story looks at each of those bars and profiles what it means to be a bar at Ball State.

Monday, April 6, 2015

April Blog Post Winners

Current Chronicle Staff members blog post winner
Millions of girls were devastatingly upset and contributed to the Twitter explosion when Zayn Malik announced that he was leaving the tween-heartthrob boy band One Direction. Abbey Marshall was one of them. Abbey's blog post, however, isn't a tear-filled, nostalgic tribute to her favorite band's departing member -- it is an artful mix of Abbey's heartbreak and a somewhat surprising analysis of the worldwide effect soon after the announcement. And that's why Abbey's post stood out from the rest -- she discussed a personal topic, but was able to remove herself and speak to it from an intellectual standpoint. Abbey incorporates photos of "crazy" mourners on Tumblr, information about the stock market, tidbits of CNN's "survival kit" for parents with kids grieving over Malik and photos from the concert she attended (in Canada, of course). And that is truly inzayn.

Incoming/New Chronicle staff members blog post winner  
Jonathan McCollough and Asia Porter are you first place winners in the multimedia blog competition. The editors were impressed by Jonathan's unique and mature topic choice and Asia's ability to go above and beyond with depth and research on her topic.

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Lara Logan's return to 60 Minutes

CBS News/60 Minutes correspondent Lara Logan has returned to 60 Minutes.  After what could be described as a tumultuous past few years where Logan has been under fire for using a discredited source on the Benghazi attack, she has returned to the air but not without some criticism. Logan took a leave of absence from 60 Minutes.  Even though there is no excuse for short cuts in a journalistic piece you have to consider what Logan had experienced just a couple years prior. On the night of February 11, 2011 reporting from Cairo's Tahrir Square during a wild celebration of more than 100,000 people during the fall of Egyptian dictator Hosni Mubarak, Logan was separated from her cameraman.  In the hysteria a mob attacked and sexually assaulted the CBS reporter. The violent attack lasted for nearly 25 minutes.
Logan: I was no doubt in my mind that I was in the process of dying. I thought, not only am I gonna die here, but it's gonna be just a torturous death that's going to go on forever and ever and ever.  - Lara Logan in a 60 Minutes interview 
Journalists face many obstacles in their quest to deliver news to the public.  While reporters who cover city hall, school board meetings, and house fires face their own set of dangers, Logan and other reporters like her have ventured onto battle fields to deliver us the news on the war front. While there they face many dangers.  Many reporters have lost their lives. Despite the loss of life courageous reporters (and their crews) still put their lives in dangers to deliver us the truth. One of the ethical tenants of journalism is seek the truth and report it.  But no where does it say you have to wear body armor or dodge bullets or even endure a violent attack that could scar you for the rest of your life.
Check out this video from Sunday, March 22 episode of 60 Minutes where Logan reports on more of the heartbreaking causalities of ISIS. What is more amazing about this story is that during many of the segments that were taped ISIS fighters were just a few miles away.  It would be interesting to learn what drives this courageous reporter.  Why does she continue to put herself in harms way? Just a couple days after this story aired on 60 Minutes Logan was admitted to the hospital as she continues to battle the wounds and scars from that attack in 2011. 

Our bloggers are kicking some....

I took a nice little stroll through "Blogically Speaking " today and I'm pleased to report our bloggers are really doing a great job. I shouldn't be surprised but I have to admit in these dog days of the school year when everyone is looking forward to Spring Break, Prom, and Graduation it can be kind of a chore to sit down and go blogging. In A Drop of Sheila, Sheila takes a sentimental stroll through her family's scrapbook, takes time to comment on the First Amendment and then manages inform Madonna that she's washed up. Just a few clicks away I was over at Erin Brush's blog. Erin knows how to get me to read her blog and once again I took the bait because she mentioned one of my favorite books in her blog. The "Stich" Gabrielle Stichweh has really been ruling the blog roost lately with some extremely thoughtful and deep blog posts.  I found her most recent blog post on the "So You're 18" presentation to be required reading.  The Marshall Plan has a blog post that all you Parks and Recreation fans should read. On one Chronicle blog you can read lighthearted tales of popular comedy shows and then your navigation may steer your toward Kelly Noriega where her most recent blog post had me completely locked in.  In Kelly's blog post "Locker Room Talk," Kelly focuses on the topic of eating disorders and how we shouldn't trivialize things we don't understand. Another few clicks away I stumbled onto "A Dash of Ash."  Ashton tells us why sometimes she struggles to sleep but her twilight inspirations can be worth the lack of sleep. Over at "To Blog...Or Nahv," our blogger touches on a topic that has consumed a lot of our conversations lately. Kylie McCalmont's blog post last week is definitely worth the read, especially if you like to shop and you're into zip robes (and grandma's nightgown sections at Kohls.) It was just a matter of time before I headed over to Erin McElhenney's blog - which I have to admit has the best name for a blog - "Word Vomit" - if there was an award for best blog name she would win it.  I guess we could come up with that award. At Word Vomit, Erin manages to discuss her future and then by some fate of her typing fingers she weaves in the plight of Monica Lewinsky.  Our bloggers continue grow in their blogging. I enjoy the topics, the maturity and depth of how they treat their subject matter - it truly is impressive.  Keep up the good work.

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Q: Does your college choice matter A: Maybe not.

I'm looking forward to the release of the following book by New York Times columnist Frank Bruni. In WHERE YOU GO IS NOT WHO YOU'LL BE,  Bruni explains how Americans have turned the college admissions process into a terrifying process of test prep, rankings, and tutors in hopes that they'll get into one of America's most prestigious colleges (mainly those with the perception of ivy growing on picturesque and ornate buildings scattered around campus.) Bruni shows how this is a deeply flawed process often filled with a tremendous amount of anxiety (for parents and their kids.)

As a parent I often wonder about the schools where my children may end up going.  I usually tell them the school doesn't matter - it's what you're willing to put into your education that matters.  Are you going to get involved in college life? Are you going to be a bystander?  Are you going to volunteer in fields that could help your career path?  Are you going to pursue internships?  Are you going to network? All colleges provide those opportunities.  Each year I watch as students pack their schedules with AP courses, spend hundreds of dollars on test prep, lose sleep, build resumes that don't seem humanly possible, join groups and clubs just so it looks good on a resume without ever really investing any of themselves in said endeavor, and then get stressed out as they wait each day by the mailbox for that acceptance letter to what they hope is the missing ingredient on their own personal life success plan.

Bruni was motivated to write this new book because as listened to other parents talk about their children's college application process he was wondering if there was some secret formula he was missing out on.
“I was watching this and comparing it to my own life and the successful people I know,” he said. “I wondered if there was anything in their résumés, a uniform attendance at a few select schools, and I didn’t see it. It wasn’t the case. It was a patchwork of educational pedigrees.”
What a lot college applicants don't realize is that the number of students who get rejected is staggering.  Dealing with rejection is difficult but get this - the elite universities turn away 95% of their applicants - in fact Stanford only accepted 5% of all applicants in the recently completed application season.  Check Richard Perez-Pena's article in The New York Times that sheds light on the cut throat and anxiety filled process of applying to the "elite" institutions of higher learning.  

For more the release of Frank Bruni's book click on the following link from today's Washington Post from writer/reporter Jeffrey J. Selingo.