Monday, December 15, 2014

Mermaids, Bigfoot, and Madison's driving instructor

She believes in Mermaids.....and aliens. 
Madison and I have been going back on the Bigfoot debate for quite some time.  I have to admit she made some valid points in her recent column.  She even managed to make me think for a while. She's correct, I don't believe in unicorns and fairies, but I'd like to think there might be some things out there we haven't discovered yet, but then Madison goes and writes this gem.
"People can take a perfectly clear picture of a hummingbird’s wing while flapping, and you’re telling me that someone can’t take a picture of bigfoot running away. I mean he’s supposedly huge, he can’t run faster than a hummingbird’s wing flapping."
Madison even has her driving instructor in on the debate.  Her instructor even mentioned the possibility of more than one Bigfoot, so there could be 'bigfeet' (the plural of Bigfoot) out there. Madison doesn't want to believe in Bigfoot or "Bigfeet" but in her own words.

"I think aliens are out there roaming the stars. I think there could be a humanoid fish that could be considered a mermaid." 
Those are Madison's words. She doesn't think there could be some upright species still undiscovered but there could be a mermaid swimming around in the ocean. I may be ready to give up on my search for a big furry dude but now Madison is ready to embark upon a journey to the undiscovered depths of the ocean to find a mermaid. Hey Madison, when you find her, let me know if Spongebob is down there.

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