Monday, December 15, 2014

Mermaids, Bigfoot, and Madison's driving instructor

She believes in Mermaids.....and aliens. 
Madison and I have been going back on the Bigfoot debate for quite some time.  I have to admit she made some valid points in her recent column.  She even managed to make me think for a while. She's correct, I don't believe in unicorns and fairies, but I'd like to think there might be some things out there we haven't discovered yet, but then Madison goes and writes this gem.
"People can take a perfectly clear picture of a hummingbird’s wing while flapping, and you’re telling me that someone can’t take a picture of bigfoot running away. I mean he’s supposedly huge, he can’t run faster than a hummingbird’s wing flapping."
Madison even has her driving instructor in on the debate.  Her instructor even mentioned the possibility of more than one Bigfoot, so there could be 'bigfeet' (the plural of Bigfoot) out there. Madison doesn't want to believe in Bigfoot or "Bigfeet" but in her own words.

"I think aliens are out there roaming the stars. I think there could be a humanoid fish that could be considered a mermaid." 
Those are Madison's words. She doesn't think there could be some upright species still undiscovered but there could be a mermaid swimming around in the ocean. I may be ready to give up on my search for a big furry dude but now Madison is ready to embark upon a journey to the undiscovered depths of the ocean to find a mermaid. Hey Madison, when you find her, let me know if Spongebob is down there.

The B.O.W. for exam week

While I'm enjoying the back-in-forth online family counseling with Madison and the Disch - the blog of the week goes to "Jess Sayin."  I like the way she has weaved in some popular culture, graphics, and coming to grips her addictions. The blogging efforts by The Chron staffers continues to improve and enlighten. Keep up the good word.

Thursday, December 4, 2014

It's not a bowl, it's not a cup, the B.O.W. is.....

The blogging efforts by The Chronicle staff are picking up and once again I have some tough choices to make.  It's good to see the "plane" truth on a Drop of Sheila. But Sheila always speaks the "truth."   Our "Full Time Dreamer" Abbey Marshall is one board with a touching post about her efforts with the City Gospel Mission.  She even gave a 'little' shout out to the Pilgrims. I really like Gina Deaton's post - not only has G.D. gone multimedia but her post is also inspirational.  If you really want to get into (or out of)  the holiday spirit it's worth a visit to "Jess Sayin" where our blogger is having a hard time finding her Christmas spirit.  We've learned that Ashton has a sense of humor but now she's finally come to grips with sarcastic blog posts in a "Dash of Ash."  The "Mack is Back," (I'm not sure where he went, but he's back) and I think you're going to really like his most recent blog post.  It's really cool to see the "Mack" connecting his blog to a story he's working on that will appear on the pages of The Chronicle. Well the "Stich" has decided to weigh in on a most important issue.  The "Stich" and I have always had some solid debates and I'm sure those will continue for some time to come. However, we also find that we're very like minded at times.  But this time the "Stich" has thrown me for a curve because on this topic I didn't think she was really listening.  Apparently she's been listening.  And hey "Stich" you want evidence, here it is .  The "Stich" was in the running as the B.O.W. but then I just happened to check out the Disch and what I found was very nice and it came at the perfect time during the often overlooked Thanksgiving season. It's always nice to see a picture reminding us of the "Chranoe" trip. Great job by the Disch for creating a multimedia blog post. Congratulations to all our bloggers.  I'm really impressed with our bloggers.  Big time shout out to the "Mack" for connecting his Chronicle work to his blog. That is perfect integration. Well done. Congratulations to the Disch for earning B.O.W.

More proof of the big furry friend

The Bigfoot phenomena is once again picking up some steam.  This guy even has proof.  Click on the copy to learn more.

Bigfoot seen (and heard) in new video?

A British sasquatch enthusiast claims to have captured the sights and sounds of the legendary and elusive ape man. See if it convinces you that Bigfoot is more than a myth.