Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Sasquatch in the news again

There are those out there that simply do not believe in Sasquatch. One of those just happens to be (I won't name names but you can click on the link to see who the non believer is)  this fine photographer and blogger.  But, once again Sasquatch is in the headlines and this time there is proof of his existence.  Believe it or not Sasquatch has not only be sited, he's been found, well kind of, and he's been stolen.  The Sasquatch is question usually resides in Delhi Township but now he's missing.  This Sasquatch happens to be a very friendly version.  In fact, he's known to dress up on occasion.  Delhi Township police are on the look out for the missing squatch and if you happen to see him in your neighborhood or driving around in the back of truck please call the Delhi Township Police Department at 513-922-0060. Ralph Spence who is the caretaker for "squashy" would just like his 400 pound friend back. "We just want him back," he said. Mr. Spence says he will not file any charges.UPDATE ON THE STORY - SASQUATCH FOUND CLICK TO READ. 

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