Wednesday, October 8, 2014

The letterman's jacket is back...kind of

It was cool seeing Seth Warwick rock the old school Letterman's Jacket during spirit week.  I reluctantly use the term 'old school' because there are still some schools where the letterman's jacket is a symbol of "I've arrived." It is kind of natural rite of passage to earn your first varsity letter and then get it sewn on your jacket to proudly wear around.  Every once in a while Mason will go up against an opponent where you'll see students wearing their letterman's jacket. I have to admit I thought it was pretty neat seeing Seth wear his jacket to school, complete with letters and awards. Now when kids earn a varsity letter at Mason, they get this felt letter and then wonder...."where do I put this thing."  Maybe it is time to get rid of the actual letter and just give the athletes who earn a letter some kind of plaque.  It might be a better use of athletic department money since kids don't wear letterman's jackets any more. You can even check out some of the iconic films in pop culture and find the letterman's jacket on just about every boy in school and then an even bigger rite of passage was the transfer of that jacket to the girlfriend.  Yes, I said the girlfriend.  It was a major status symbol when the girlfriend walked down the hallway in front of everyone announcing their relationship with their beau by wearing his letterman's jacket. Kudos to Seth for sporting the letterman's jacket.  He proudly wore his Mason Comet colors complete with his varsity letters and awards on display.  It made me go home and start digging through boxes to my find ole tattered jacket, with leather sleeves, and varsity letters. Brought back to some good memories.

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