Tuesday, October 21, 2014

A blogging I will go, A blogging, I will go....the B.O.W.

The Chronicle bloggers are really starting to pick it up.  I have to admit I enjoyed my time perusing the blogs of The Chronicle staff.  The Big E, Eric Miller was prognosticating about how Penn State will beat Ohio State. I do think Penn State will bring it against the Buckeyes but I think OSU is just a better team but that Happy Valley crowd could get into the head of the Buck's freshman QB.  Our bloggers continue to be great Jess Sayin' is looking forward to some "me time" when cross country is over but I think she's going to miss it a little. The Disch is serving up the dish on her "lack of time" but she even admits she could be a little better at managing her time. Ashton Nichols is also dealing with some time issues in a Dash of Ash.  It is good to see Charlie MacKenzie joining the ranks of the bloggers - and to be honest - I think Charlie Mack could be a great blogger with his sense of humor and wit.  I hope he tries to keep his blog current and fresh.  Check out the Mack is Back.  But the Blog of the Week goes to a veteran staff member, not one of the "newbies."  The Stich keeps The Chronicle staff grounded and even though she doesn't smile a whole lot I can see her smiling when she wrote her latest blog post.   I also like her self admission and resolution in her post about her "literary struggles." Great job bloggers.

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