Thursday, October 30, 2014

Blog of The Week

Today I'm pleased to announce a couple people are in the running for the Blog of the Week.  Meghan Pottle is on point this week with some solid blogging.  While I'm leaning toward Meghan for some great posts, I have to give the Mack is Back the title of BOW.  Charlie MacKenzie, The "Mack" showed his skills by using the new Videlicious app we talked about in class.  Great job Meghan and Charlie.

MBC Alum on the air at OU

Former MBC sideline reporter Megan Stamper is talking football at Ohio University.  Megan is on the OU's famously popular Gridiron Glory Friday night football show.  Megan knows football, if you don't know Megan, she can talk football with anyone.  You can also see Megan on the air by clinking on this link Megan Stamper talks football on Gridiron Glory. 

Megan Stamper (right) a former MBC reporter now on the air at Ohio University. 

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

A blogging I will go, A blogging, I will go....the B.O.W.

The Chronicle bloggers are really starting to pick it up.  I have to admit I enjoyed my time perusing the blogs of The Chronicle staff.  The Big E, Eric Miller was prognosticating about how Penn State will beat Ohio State. I do think Penn State will bring it against the Buckeyes but I think OSU is just a better team but that Happy Valley crowd could get into the head of the Buck's freshman QB.  Our bloggers continue to be great Jess Sayin' is looking forward to some "me time" when cross country is over but I think she's going to miss it a little. The Disch is serving up the dish on her "lack of time" but she even admits she could be a little better at managing her time. Ashton Nichols is also dealing with some time issues in a Dash of Ash.  It is good to see Charlie MacKenzie joining the ranks of the bloggers - and to be honest - I think Charlie Mack could be a great blogger with his sense of humor and wit.  I hope he tries to keep his blog current and fresh.  Check out the Mack is Back.  But the Blog of the Week goes to a veteran staff member, not one of the "newbies."  The Stich keeps The Chronicle staff grounded and even though she doesn't smile a whole lot I can see her smiling when she wrote her latest blog post.   I also like her self admission and resolution in her post about her "literary struggles." Great job bloggers.

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

She's a great editor and GMC Champion

She's an awesome editor and she's really fast.  Erin Brush not only helps lead The Chronicle to great heights but also helps lead the Mason Comet cross country team to championships. Congratulations Erin and the GMC Champ Comet Cross Country team.


A shout to a "Dash of Ash" this week for the Blogger of the Week. Very nice post and some solid multi-media. Very well done. Our blogging population is slowly growing.  Welcome Meghan Pottle to the blog crew.  Blog posts don't always have to be the latest news they can be about your thoughts on the latest events in the news. Your post can also be a place where you can enlighten your reader on your thoughts, ideas, and even what you learned while covering a story.

Thursday, October 9, 2014

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

The letterman's jacket is back...kind of

It was cool seeing Seth Warwick rock the old school Letterman's Jacket during spirit week.  I reluctantly use the term 'old school' because there are still some schools where the letterman's jacket is a symbol of "I've arrived." It is kind of natural rite of passage to earn your first varsity letter and then get it sewn on your jacket to proudly wear around.  Every once in a while Mason will go up against an opponent where you'll see students wearing their letterman's jacket. I have to admit I thought it was pretty neat seeing Seth wear his jacket to school, complete with letters and awards. Now when kids earn a varsity letter at Mason, they get this felt letter and then wonder...."where do I put this thing."  Maybe it is time to get rid of the actual letter and just give the athletes who earn a letter some kind of plaque.  It might be a better use of athletic department money since kids don't wear letterman's jackets any more. You can even check out some of the iconic films in pop culture and find the letterman's jacket on just about every boy in school and then an even bigger rite of passage was the transfer of that jacket to the girlfriend.  Yes, I said the girlfriend.  It was a major status symbol when the girlfriend walked down the hallway in front of everyone announcing their relationship with their beau by wearing his letterman's jacket. Kudos to Seth for sporting the letterman's jacket.  He proudly wore his Mason Comet colors complete with his varsity letters and awards on display.  It made me go home and start digging through boxes to my find ole tattered jacket, with leather sleeves, and varsity letters. Brought back to some good memories.

Monday, October 6, 2014


While the blog contributions were solid this week, hands down the Blogger of the Week is Jess Sayin.' I told you last week Jessica Sommerville can "flat out" write, well now she can "flat out" blog. Check out Jess Sayin '  

Thursday, October 2, 2014

A sorority worth "rushing"

"The News Sorority" casts together a unique trio of three powerful women of television news.  Even though these three women are very different in style, delivery, politics, and approach, author Sheila Weller delivers a must read for the young women (and men)  who aspire to reach great heights in the world of television news.   Check out Janet Maslin's review in The New York Times.

They have arrived

Television and radio sports talk shows are dominated by men, but with the launch of CBS Sports Network "We Need to Talk," that is changing. At a time when issues surrounding the treatment of women are among some of the most debated topics on sports and even news television - especially in the wake of the NFL's stance on domestic violence this program may help give viewers a unique take on sports and sports related issues from a different and welcomed perspective.
" is a women’s talk show that is a sports show, not a women’s show about sports."