Monday, September 29, 2014

Blogger of the Week

Let's welcome the "Big E" Eric Miller to the blogging world this week.  I can tell Eric wants to talk a little about Penn State football but unfortunately the Nitany Lions took it on the chin this weekend against Northwestern.  I think that might set things back a bit.  Our blogging population is starting to grow so I think it is time for DC Talks to highlight the blogger of the week.  While I enjoyed just about everyone's blog I couldn't help but dig into Jess Sayin'  Jessica Sommerville can "flat out" write. There are those who naturally fit into the "flat out" family.  In baseball Clayton Kershaw can "flat out" pitch. Aretha Franklin can "flat out" sing. DC can "flat out" blog and Jessica Sommerville can "flat out" write.  You've gotta read her latest blog post on test scores and grades. She is Tired of Numbers, and after reading her latest blog post so am I.

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