Friday, September 19, 2014

A "blog" is born

The world of Chronicle bloggers welcomes some new perspectives to the blogasphere.  I like the catchy title of JessSayin' - I'm looking forward to reading some of the unique ideas and thoughts by our new blogger. Who will win, who will win? I don't know but the RealisticFishHead might know check it out. She might have her in head in the clouds but with this catchy title I think we're in for some interesting reading at The Disch. Catchy titles seem to be in vogue - check out A Dash of Ash. The final new blogger today is another blog with a distinctive title To Blog...or Nahv?  The Chronicle staff is off to a good start with their blogs.  Our blogs are housed at Blogically Speaking on Catchy titles, cool lay-outs, and nifty quotes are nice but good writing will trump all that.  Blogs can be a fun place for reporters to elaborate on their topics and provide added insight regarding their stories or even other people's stories.

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