Monday, September 29, 2014

Blogger of the Week

Let's welcome the "Big E" Eric Miller to the blogging world this week.  I can tell Eric wants to talk a little about Penn State football but unfortunately the Nitany Lions took it on the chin this weekend against Northwestern.  I think that might set things back a bit.  Our blogging population is starting to grow so I think it is time for DC Talks to highlight the blogger of the week.  While I enjoyed just about everyone's blog I couldn't help but dig into Jess Sayin'  Jessica Sommerville can "flat out" write. There are those who naturally fit into the "flat out" family.  In baseball Clayton Kershaw can "flat out" pitch. Aretha Franklin can "flat out" sing. DC can "flat out" blog and Jessica Sommerville can "flat out" write.  You've gotta read her latest blog post on test scores and grades. She is Tired of Numbers, and after reading her latest blog post so am I.

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Shout out to Chronicle reporter Eric Miller for multimedia coverage

Eric "The Big E" Miller may be just a freshman on The Chronicle staff but he's already making a huge splash.  "The Big E" knows the newest trend in journalism is convergence or multimedia journalism.  His latest story on about the girls' soccer team is a true example of convergence journalism. 

MBC alum makes Mizzou Television appearance

Many of you remember MBC Wall of Famer and alum Gabe Dubois.  Gabe is currently a freshman at the University of Missouri.  Gabe made his Mizzou television debut last week.  Check him out here Gabe on MUTV 23.  He is at 10:53 in the time code.

Friday, September 19, 2014

A "blog" is born

The world of Chronicle bloggers welcomes some new perspectives to the blogasphere.  I like the catchy title of JessSayin' - I'm looking forward to reading some of the unique ideas and thoughts by our new blogger. Who will win, who will win? I don't know but the RealisticFishHead might know check it out. She might have her in head in the clouds but with this catchy title I think we're in for some interesting reading at The Disch. Catchy titles seem to be in vogue - check out A Dash of Ash. The final new blogger today is another blog with a distinctive title To Blog...or Nahv?  The Chronicle staff is off to a good start with their blogs.  Our blogs are housed at Blogically Speaking on Catchy titles, cool lay-outs, and nifty quotes are nice but good writing will trump all that.  Blogs can be a fun place for reporters to elaborate on their topics and provide added insight regarding their stories or even other people's stories.

Great first issue for Chronicle staff

Congratulations Chronicle staff for a job well done.  
Excellent stories. Chronicle alums would be proud of you today.  The first Big C of
the year goes to Kylie McCalmont. Nice job. Great way to start the year. 

Sunday, September 14, 2014

Deaton and Miller make broadcasting debut

Eric Miller and Joey Deaton did a great job calling the game Friday night as the Comets whipped up on Winton Woods.  Nice job Eric and Joey.  Well done.  Check them out here

Monday, September 8, 2014

Former Chronicle Editor writes great story at OU

Former Chronicle Editor in Chief Rebekah Barnes dealt with a topic that is really starting to get more attention on college campus. Rebekah is a sophomore at Ohio University and she recently published this article in The Post. Check out  Rebs' article here - the headline says it all "OU stands out in sexual violence regulations"  Awesome article Rebs, your fellow Chronicle alums and current staff is proud of you.

Thursday, September 4, 2014

Piano Guys concert was solid

I've been a big fan of the Piano Guys since I stumbled on this amazing duo on YouTube. Their story is really pretty amazing. A guy who plays the piano and another who plays the cello get together to put together an interesting mix of classical and pop music, add some video, and boom you've got an internet sensation.  Now they're doing concerts in major cities and Sony has decided to pick them up. Last night I had a chance to see the Piano Guys live and they didn't disappoint.   It was a great concert. You should check them out.  For you Les Mis fans out there - you'll really like this video.

Monday, September 1, 2014

Marathon Men on the 'mic'

(The "marathon men" left to right Shaun Mitchell, Kevin Carey, and Cullen Ecoffey) 
Friday night was not only opening night for the Mason Comet football team but it was also opening night for and the broadcast team of Kevin Carey, Cullen Ecoffey, and Shaun Mitchell.  Eric Miller was also manning the controls on twitter (@MHSsportsradio).  This amazing team deserves a huge shout for their hard work on Friday night because they were prepared to broadcast the game but when lightening delays put the game on hold for two hours these young men had to fill the airwaves.  When it was all said and done they were on the air for over four hours.  They did a great job in their webcasting debut and they did a fine job with several interviews with some of the Mason' finest student athletes during the delay.  Congratulations "marathon men."  Tune in next Friday night when the "marathon men" become "road warriors" when they hit the road and travel to Columbus to bring you the live action of Comets football when they take on Bishop Watterson.