Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Rashika at Reds Media Day
Rashika Jaipuriar recently participated in Cincinnati Reds Media Day.  Rashika had the opportunity to learn about the marketing and communications department of the Cincinnati Reds.  She was on the field for Reds' batting practice, toured the stadium press areas, and more.  You can check out her blog here to learn more about this unique experience.  Rashika is on The Chronicle staff and helped create MBC Overtime

2nd Golden Gremlins Awards

The following MBC staff members were nominated and voted on by their peers for the 2nd Annual MBC Golden Gremlins.  In case you're wonder the movie Gremlins is the official movie of MBC.
Here's a list of the 2013-2014 winners.
Best Overall Story - Megan Drake (Gabe Riveria feature)
Best Humorous Story - Hannah Maxwell (Lacrosse Flow) - she received a ton of votes
Best Human Interest Story - Kevin Carey - Baseball Challenger League
Best Academic News (tie) - Katelyn Emter for work study program, Fernanda Hurtado for Honors Anatomy Arm Dissection
Best Entertainment News - Gabe Dubois for water bottle boat
Best Sports Story - Tori McVey - Curt and Brady Bly baseball batboy story
Best On Air Talent (tie) - Kaitlyn Shive and Kendall Heydt
Best Videography - Javert Valbar
Best Writer - Fernanda Hurtado
Best Sentimental Story - Megan Drake (Gabe Riveria feature)
Best Editing - Javert Valbar
Best Interview (tie) Kendall Jones with the deaf teacher & Frita Beauchamp with the hairstylist
Best Live Reporting - Hannah Maxwell
Most Versatile - Kendall Jones
Best Convergence Media - Rashika Jaipuriar for creating MBC Overtime and School of Rock feature on MBC O.T.
Best Mentor - Gabe Dubois
Best Kids in the Hall Segment(s) - Kendall Jones (multiple pieces)
MBC Rising Star (tie)- Breanne Gibb & Frita Beauchamp
Most Positive Person - Kendall Heydt
Gizmo for Future Broadcasting Star - Javert Valbar
Yoda MBC MVP - Gabe Dubois

Monday, May 19, 2014

Journalism College Signing Day was awesome

Friday, May 16 we celebrated the college decisions by the MBC and The Chronicle seniors.  Congratulations to all our awesome seniors ! Thank you to the parents and family members for joining us.

Here's a list of the seniors who participated and their college choice.

Lindsay McCalmont
The Ohio State University
Matt Hauer
The Ohio State University
Joey Thomas
University of Cincinnati
Hannah Maxwell
University of Cincinnati
Jacob Snow
University of Cincinnati
Javert Valenzuela Barrios
University of Cincinnati
Chloe Knue
Miami University
Emily Taylor
Miami University
Gabe Dubois
University of Missouri
Lindsay Cornwell
Bowling Green State University
Kendall Jones
Columbus College of Art and Design
Morgan Orlando
University of Tennessee
Fernanda Hurtado
Northeastern University
Monica Brucher
College of Mt. St. Joseph
Meghan Harris
University of Toledo
Erika Alva
Xavier University
Molly Hough
University of Kentucky
Katie Rojas
University of Michigan
Will Leathers
University of Alabama
Rachel Frogge
Santa Monica College
Sami Villagran
Embry Riddle Aeronautical Institute
Taylor Telford
Indiana University
Kendall Heydt
Sinclair Commmunity College
Katherine Hansen
Brigham Young University
Megan Drake
Brigham Young University
Chris Rice
University of Dayton
Allie Fultz
Ohio University
Cameron Gunnels
Ohio University
Kaitlyn Shive
Ohio University

Don't forget the good ole days !

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Great story - worth the read - puts things into perspective

If you have a couple minutes and even if you don't this is a story worth reading.  At this time of year with seniors graduating it makes you take a step back and consider the things that are really important. Many teachers and coaches have made an impact on the lives of their students and athletes.  Here's an inspiring story of a coach who has done just that.

Monday, May 12, 2014

A shout out to the talented student behind

A huge shout out has to go to the extremely talented editor behind  Gina Deaton is the online editor for  If you haven't checked out lately then you're missing out.  Right now you can check out stories and photo galleries about boys lacrosse, fastpitch softball, boys volleyball, Science Olympiad, and a story about a Holocaust survivor who visited students at MHS. The site is packed full of photos, stories, and video.  Gina is a tireless worker who has helped make the site to visit if you want to keep up with what is going on at MHS.

Thursday, May 1, 2014

Spiderman (Peter Parker) and Superman (Clark Kent) need a lesson in journalistic ethics

An article in The Atlantic was passed along to me today and I was thoroughly amused with Daniel Snyder's take on the breaches of ethical journalism by two superheroes who, in their disguises saved many damsels in distress, but in their "bill paying" fronts were unethical journalists. Check out his article here: