Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Comet broadcasters are award winners

Congratulations are in order for some of our outstanding broadcasters. They were among the award winners at the Golden Lion Film Festival held at Ursuline High School last week.
Gabe Dubois, Katelyn Shive, and Breanne Gibb were award
winners at the Golden Lion Film Festival
Mason Winners were:
Mountain Lion Award
Alternative Film
Gabe Dubois (senior), Early Spring bass fishing
Fernanda Hurtado (senior) Fencing Highlight Video
White Lion Award
Informational and Educational Video
Gabe Dubois/Javert Valenzula-Barrios (seniors) Mason High School welcome video
Mountain Lion Award
Gabe Dubois - Shaker Run Golf Clinic for Down Syndrome
Golden Lion Award
Newcast Category
Breanne Gibb (Junior) Girls water polo state champions
Newscast Mountain Lion
Katelyn Shive (Senior) and Gabe Dubois - DJ at Sports Plus
Frita Beauchamp (junior) - Aspring Doctors -
Frita Beauhcamp - African American Hair -
Frita Beauchamp - Student starts cupcake business -
Hira Qureshi (junior) Orchestra -
Gabe Dubois - Integrated Media Internship -
Gabe Dubois - Mason body builder -
Gabe Dubois - Moonwalk Friday -
Gabe Dubois - Water polo qualifies for state tournament -
Gabe Dubois - water polo stars -
Gabe Dubois - Kit Kats for Big Cats -
Gabe Dubois - Broomball at MHS -
Gabe Dubois - Parkour at MHS -
Gabe Dubois - Trimester vs. Semesters -
Gabe Dubois - Mason LAN Party -
Fernanda Hurtado (senior) - Hands off Learning -
Breanne Gibb - Olympic hopeful swimmer -
Breanne Gibb - Mason Hockey vs. Lakota East -

Congratulations to our outstanding students - (way to dominate Gabe!)

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