Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Welcome to MBC Overtime
Once again the broadcast journalism students show their stuff.  Today marks an historic day for MBC. The Mason Broadcast Crew has been producing outstanding productions now for 13 years and today the MBC family is proud to announce a new member of the family MBC OvertimeMBC Overtime takes MBC productions to a new level - allowing our students to delve even deeper into their topics.  Check it out here

Monday, April 28, 2014

MBC & The Chronicle staff at Ball State

Students from The Chronicle and MBC attended the Ball State University Journalism day on Friday, April 25.  Students attended various sessions related to the field of journalism.  Many staff members won a variety of awards.   The award winners were : Print News Overall Excellent The Chronicle Staff, Feature Story Honorable Mention Taylor Telford (2), Rashika Jaipuriar (2), News Story Excellent Fernanda Hurtado (2) News Story Honorable Mention Sheila Raghavendran, Taylor Telford, Fernanda Hurtado, Print Front Page Design Excellent Gabrielle Stichweh, Multimedia Storytelling Excellent Rashika Jaipuriar, Multimedia Storytelling Honorable Mention Sonia Rayka,  Fernanda Hurtado (2), Sports Photo Superior Madison Krell,  Sports Photo Honorable Mention Madison Krell, Broadcast Feature Honorable Mention Emily Wilhelm, Gabe Dubois (2,,

College List

Check out the list of colleges our MBC and The Chronicle seniors are attending - AWESOME !

Thursday, April 24, 2014

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Brandon Phillips...the worst? Seriously

The photobomb (left)  that made BP the "World's Worst Person in Sports."
Brandon, please keep on smiling and having fun.
     Keith Olbermann called Brandon Phillips the "World's Worst Person in Sports" on his ESPN2 program that airs nightly at 11:00 (prime slot in the ESPN line up).  This is the same Keith Olbermann who was pretty successful on ESPN several years ago but decided the go the political rant route and jump to MSNBC where his "Countdown" show ended abruptly with a cancellation notice tucked away in his mailbox. His role was also eliminated on NBC's Sunday Night Football. Now he's calling out Brandon Phillips for missing a game due to an injury.  Here's Olbermann's rant - not heard by many since his show doesn't receive the highest of ratings.
     Of course he is smart to pick on Phillips.  Phillips has a huge following on twitter and anyone who knows anything about the new social media marketplace - the way to pick up viewers and followers is to piggy back on someone who has a huge following.  Insert Brandon Phillips here - rant about DatDude and then pick up some viewers for your fledgling television show. Of course Olbermann didn't take a closer look at Brandon Phillips who has been an iron man on the Reds roster since he took over at second base in 2006.  Phillips played in a 151 games last year and even gutted out the end of the season when he was visibly injured. In fact the fewest games BP has played in since joining the Reds is 141 in 2008. Check out BP's career stats here'R'&sectionType=career&statType=1&season=2014&level='ALL'
     I don't always like some of Phillips' antics but he is a gamer. And I didn't like his comments in Cincinnati Magazine last  year. But he doesn't take days off because a tough pitcher is on the mound.  He plays injured.  He makings dazzling plays in the infield.  He practically finishes every game he plays in with a dirt stained uniform. He will bat anywhere in the lineup. He battles his way through slumps and still acts like he enjoys playing this kids' game.  While some players appear to look like zombies out there because it make hurt their "professional" personae DatDude still plays the game with flare and joy.  If that makes BP the "World's Worst Person in Sports," then so be it - I bet BP got a good laugh out of it.

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Comet broadcasters are award winners

Congratulations are in order for some of our outstanding broadcasters. They were among the award winners at the Golden Lion Film Festival held at Ursuline High School last week.
Gabe Dubois, Katelyn Shive, and Breanne Gibb were award
winners at the Golden Lion Film Festival
Mason Winners were:
Mountain Lion Award
Alternative Film
Gabe Dubois (senior), Early Spring bass fishing
Fernanda Hurtado (senior) Fencing Highlight Video
White Lion Award
Informational and Educational Video
Gabe Dubois/Javert Valenzula-Barrios (seniors) Mason High School welcome video
Mountain Lion Award
Gabe Dubois - Shaker Run Golf Clinic for Down Syndrome
Golden Lion Award
Newcast Category
Breanne Gibb (Junior) Girls water polo state champions
Newscast Mountain Lion
Katelyn Shive (Senior) and Gabe Dubois - DJ at Sports Plus
Frita Beauchamp (junior) - Aspring Doctors -
Frita Beauhcamp - African American Hair -
Frita Beauchamp - Student starts cupcake business -
Hira Qureshi (junior) Orchestra -
Gabe Dubois - Integrated Media Internship -
Gabe Dubois - Mason body builder -
Gabe Dubois - Moonwalk Friday -
Gabe Dubois - Water polo qualifies for state tournament -
Gabe Dubois - water polo stars -
Gabe Dubois - Kit Kats for Big Cats -
Gabe Dubois - Broomball at MHS -
Gabe Dubois - Parkour at MHS -
Gabe Dubois - Trimester vs. Semesters -
Gabe Dubois - Mason LAN Party -
Fernanda Hurtado (senior) - Hands off Learning -
Breanne Gibb - Olympic hopeful swimmer -
Breanne Gibb - Mason Hockey vs. Lakota East -

Congratulations to our outstanding students - (way to dominate Gabe!)

Monday, April 14, 2014

MBC Alum | Xavier Baseball star in the news

Mason H.S. and MBC alum Scott Klever is having a great baseball season at Xavier. But now he's making headlines off the field.  Check out this cool story about Scott and the rest of the Xavier baseball team who decided to shave their heads in the battle against childhood cancer. Here's another story that appeared in the Cincinnati Enquirer

The Xavier baseball players shave their heads to help in the fight against childhood cancer.
 Scott Klever is in the middle holding the sign.

Friday, April 11, 2014

Journalism signing day is May 16 at 12:00

We will celebrate the college commitments of our students on Friday, May 16 at 12:00.  So far we have students planning on attending, U.D., U.C., Miami, BYU, BGSU, I.U., O.U., U.K., X.U., Mizzou, and more. Be there, parents are welcome.

Thursday, April 10, 2014

Incredible story at Michigan State

Throughout the NCAA tournament the story of  Lacey Holsworth, an 8-year-old cancer patient known as "Princess Lacey" who forged a bond with the Michigan State basketball team and star forward Adreian Payne was told and re-told.  This story came to a tragic end this week when Lacey finally lost her battle with cancer.  This story has so many angles and one that would probably get lost in the shuffle is the maturation of Payne.  He was an excellent high school player who played his school basketball in Dayton, Ohio but while at Michigan State he not only improved as a player but he became a symbol of a student-athlete in Tom Izzo's program.  Great story - you need to check it out.

Thursday, April 3, 2014

Watching the "watchers"

The Final Four is this weekend.  UConn vs. Florida and UK vs. Wisconsin.  I have to say even though I have Florida in my bracket pool I would like to see Bo Ryan and his Wisconsin Badgers win it all.  I just like the way Bo knows basketball.  He runs a quality program and he's the example of a coach who has worked his way up to the big time.  However, one thing I'm not looking forward to this weekend is all the official's conferences at the scorer's table.  This NCAA tournament has made the refs eligible for Emmy Awards with as much camera time as they're getting in this games.  Every game seems to take forever once it gets in the final minutes because they have to review every play.  What is even crazier is the coaches can request an earlier play be reviewed. I'm sick of the so-called elbow rule that penalizes a player if his elbow inadvertantly goes above a certain plane on his body.  I do believe clearing out with the elbows or throwing flagrant bows should be whistled but these referee reunions at the scorer's table are out of hand.'s Eamonn Brennan touches on the topic on his blog.
"A bad call is a bad call whether it happens in the first minute or the 20th or the 40th. From a sheer mathematical perspective, every possession matters. So if expanded replay is necessary in the final minute, it's necessary throughout the game, isn't it? No wrong call should go unaddressed, should it?

I can already hear the wailing: But the game already stops too much! College basketball games are already two hours long! No one wants to watch referees look at video replays for 40 minutes! The human element! Loud noises!

I agree! Which is why college hoops and the NBA need to drop the pretense that the only way to handle video review is to force the three assigned game officials to stop the game, walk over to the scorer's table, wait for the LCD screen to load its pretty pictures and spend the next 10 minutes deciding whether they're really seeing what they're seeing. The sport already has a workaround for this; it allows officials to correct live-action missed calls during eventual timeouts and other naturally occurring game stoppages. But why do those three referees need to review the monitor themselves? Why can't a fourth official -- or a team of officials, even -- be assigned to specifically handle video reviews as the action takes place?

The officials watch the action. The video team watches the officials. Live. In real time. As quickly as the announcers can weigh in, and as quickly as you can hammer out that clever tweet slamming the zebras for another bad call, the video team can review said call and almost instantly signal whether there is significant evidence to overturn it. There is no reason to stop the game to do so."

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

MBC, Chronicle alum is now on the air

Deanna Allbrittin, a proud MBC and Chronicle alum is on the air in Evansville, Indiana.  Deanna is a graduate of Indiana University where she majored in Journalism.  Deanna had an incredible experience at Indiana and her experiences and education have landed her a spot on the morning news in Evansville.  Here's a link to her Bio:  Deanna truly embraced her educational experience at I.U.  She was able to study abroad in South Korea, Ghana, China, Kenya and twice to Chile.  You can get in touch with her at or via Twitter @deanna14news.  While at MHS, Deanna was an outstanding MBC and Chronicle reporter.