Monday, March 31, 2014

Metrics to play a role in the future of Journalism

N.Y. Times columnist David Carr
New York Times columnist David Carr believes his work speaks for itself but in the ever changing landscape of journalism, Carr is finding that the quality of his work may not be as important as the traffic his work generates.  Check out Carr's column that touches on this issue of whether or not it is important to create media that matters or media that can be measured. The world of journalism is changing. We all know that but there are some who think this means a gold rush is ahead for journalists.
“The journalist will do extremely well in the next 10 years. It will be a booming profession,” he said, adding that he agreed with a recent suggestion by the venture capitalist Marc Andreessen that “news will be 10 times the size it was.”
Anyone can write a blog and some blogs can even create quite a following.  Some of these bloggers have even captured enough followers to wind up at publications as well known as the Times but Carr believes it should be more about relevant content instead of clicks.
"Now that metrics are part of the news agenda, all of the sticks are in the air. Just because something is popular does not make it worthy, but ignoring audience engagement is a sure route to irrelevance. I’m happy to let the things I write stand on their own merit, and I only include the picture of this cat because it feels germane and somehow important."
Read David Carr's column here and you'll figure out what this cat picture is all about.

Thursday, March 20, 2014

I like Aaron Craft, why do people hate him?

I think Aaron Craft is what the NCAA is thinking about when they flash signs and advertisements during March Madness that say "student athlete." Is Aaron Craft human?  Yes.  Will he make mistakes?  Yes.  Could he mess up off the court and do something stupid? Yes.  But for some reason people like to hate Aaron Craft.  Is it because he's not a great shooter?  He was never touted as a great shooter.  Is he a solid offensive player?  Yes.  Is he a greater scorer? No.  He gets the ball to the people who can score.  He gets the ball to people who are comfortable in certain scoring areas.  Was he supposed to pick up some of the scoring slack at Ohio State this year?  Not sure he was.  I think some other players were expected to pick up some of that load.  He will leave Ohio State as one of the greatest players to every play in Columbus.  Defensive player of the year, All Conference, Academic All American.  Oh yeah, Aaron Craft goes to class. He plans on going to medical school.  He is a student athlete. ESPN.COM's  Rick Reilly wrote a great column about Craft.
He's the kind of player John Wooden would've liked. Come to think of it, he's a little like the player John Wooden was at Purdue. He spreads his game over all the stat page. Nine points a game, four steals, five assists, three floor burns, two charges and one win. That kind of thing.
He doesn't do double digits, doesn't worry about the NBA and doesn't even look much like a modern college athlete. He looks more like the kid who rounds up grocery carts and mows the old couple's lawn for free every Sunday.
I guess I just don't understand why there are so many haters out there.  I do understand why the fans of OSU opponents don't like him.  That's normal in college basketball.  When I watch my favorite teams play I typically don't like the opponent but there are times when I would like some of their players on my team.  I'm sure Michigan fans who hate Craft would love him if he was on their team.  So that is normal.  But sometimes the abuse crosses the line.  It's almost the same way Tim Tebow was treated.  Athletes who try to be good role models, aren't afraid to talk about their faith, and take their role as student athletes pretty seriously.  Even the way Craft handles the verbal abuse is almost admirable.
"The verbal assaults really got tense this year," says Craft, the point guard for the 25-9 Buckeyes, who lost in the semifinals of the Big Ten tournament last week and enter March Madness as a 6-seed. "They're at my fiancé, at my sister. They even said my mom is a bad cook. Now hold on. That's not even true. My mom is a great cook. Her lasagna is fantastic."
I, like Reilly, will miss Aaron Craft.  Does he have a shot to play in the NBA.  Who cares?  If this guy is a doctor someday he would probably do more good for society than being in the NBA.  I bet those haters out there would like Craft if he walked into the operating room to perform their surgery with that same great passion and work ethic that he displays when he plays basketball.

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

The dish on data, what happens when you're online

Have you surfed the internet today? Maybe you have on your laptop, desktop, your smartphone, Iphone, or Ipad.  If you have then you are being watched.  Every click, every like, every view, everything you do online is part of a huge master plan to document your data.  Check out the 60 Minutes story on data brokers.  It will make you look at your online habits a little differently.

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Cat attacks, family calls 911

Just when you think you've seen it all.  This family is held hostage by their cat.  Guess what, they let cat back in - after it "settled" down.  Their cat goes nuts, claws their baby, they call 911, then later they let it back in the house.  Seriously.  What are they going to do next time? Call the SWAT team?They had to call 911 - yes, watch the video, this actually happened.

MBC produces awesome Mason Basketball videos

Shout out to MBC producer Hannah Maxwell for her outstanding work on the end of the season Mason Comets boys' basketball highlight video.  There is some great footage in the video - thanks to all the videographers who gathered this video.
Another shout goes to MBC producer Lindsay Cornwell for the end of the season Mason Comets girls' basketball video. Thanks to Lindsay and all the videographers for their work.

Friday, March 7, 2014

Gabe is featured in the Enquirer

We all know Gabe Dubois is an MBC superstar but some of you may not know that Gabe has been instrumental is raising big bucks to help the American Heart Association.  Gabe's reason for wanting to help the AHA - well you'll have to read this article to find out.

Thursday, March 6, 2014

What did he say?

I don't watch the Oscars but I know who Idina Menzel is - does John Travolta?  I'm not sure if I'm supposed to laugh or feel sorry for him.