Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Great to see our bloggers back at it

Katherine Hansen , She just can't keep calm any longer.
Sheila Raghavendran, She admires Frank Bruni take on Michael Sam
Meghan Harris, She is glad to see an old friend
Gabrielle Stichweh, Is interested in gun violence, who would've thought?
Monica Brucher, Is interested in Maureen Dowd's take on the Abbey sensation
Abbey Marshall, Isn't talking about the "Petri" dish
Madison Krell, Comments on a column about two interesting Ohioans
Matt Marvar, Likes the way Jeremy Clarkson took the path less traveled
Gina Deaton, Education comes with a high price tag
Jimmy Halpin, Checks in on the status of the Detroit Pistons
Sonia Rayka, She's into the Beattles
Lindsay McCalmont, Has found a positive way to view this horrible winter weather
Katie Hermann, Comments on the joy of reading and she even slides in a comment about me
Kelly Noriega, Is rediscovering her faith in books
Katie Rojas, Caught up with an old friend, an L.A. Times columnist with a great perspective

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