Monday, December 15, 2014

Mermaids, Bigfoot, and Madison's driving instructor

She believes in Mermaids.....and aliens. 
Madison and I have been going back on the Bigfoot debate for quite some time.  I have to admit she made some valid points in her recent column.  She even managed to make me think for a while. She's correct, I don't believe in unicorns and fairies, but I'd like to think there might be some things out there we haven't discovered yet, but then Madison goes and writes this gem.
"People can take a perfectly clear picture of a hummingbird’s wing while flapping, and you’re telling me that someone can’t take a picture of bigfoot running away. I mean he’s supposedly huge, he can’t run faster than a hummingbird’s wing flapping."
Madison even has her driving instructor in on the debate.  Her instructor even mentioned the possibility of more than one Bigfoot, so there could be 'bigfeet' (the plural of Bigfoot) out there. Madison doesn't want to believe in Bigfoot or "Bigfeet" but in her own words.

"I think aliens are out there roaming the stars. I think there could be a humanoid fish that could be considered a mermaid." 
Those are Madison's words. She doesn't think there could be some upright species still undiscovered but there could be a mermaid swimming around in the ocean. I may be ready to give up on my search for a big furry dude but now Madison is ready to embark upon a journey to the undiscovered depths of the ocean to find a mermaid. Hey Madison, when you find her, let me know if Spongebob is down there.

The B.O.W. for exam week

While I'm enjoying the back-in-forth online family counseling with Madison and the Disch - the blog of the week goes to "Jess Sayin."  I like the way she has weaved in some popular culture, graphics, and coming to grips her addictions. The blogging efforts by The Chron staffers continues to improve and enlighten. Keep up the good word.

Thursday, December 4, 2014

It's not a bowl, it's not a cup, the B.O.W. is.....

The blogging efforts by The Chronicle staff are picking up and once again I have some tough choices to make.  It's good to see the "plane" truth on a Drop of Sheila. But Sheila always speaks the "truth."   Our "Full Time Dreamer" Abbey Marshall is one board with a touching post about her efforts with the City Gospel Mission.  She even gave a 'little' shout out to the Pilgrims. I really like Gina Deaton's post - not only has G.D. gone multimedia but her post is also inspirational.  If you really want to get into (or out of)  the holiday spirit it's worth a visit to "Jess Sayin" where our blogger is having a hard time finding her Christmas spirit.  We've learned that Ashton has a sense of humor but now she's finally come to grips with sarcastic blog posts in a "Dash of Ash."  The "Mack is Back," (I'm not sure where he went, but he's back) and I think you're going to really like his most recent blog post.  It's really cool to see the "Mack" connecting his blog to a story he's working on that will appear on the pages of The Chronicle. Well the "Stich" has decided to weigh in on a most important issue.  The "Stich" and I have always had some solid debates and I'm sure those will continue for some time to come. However, we also find that we're very like minded at times.  But this time the "Stich" has thrown me for a curve because on this topic I didn't think she was really listening.  Apparently she's been listening.  And hey "Stich" you want evidence, here it is .  The "Stich" was in the running as the B.O.W. but then I just happened to check out the Disch and what I found was very nice and it came at the perfect time during the often overlooked Thanksgiving season. It's always nice to see a picture reminding us of the "Chranoe" trip. Great job by the Disch for creating a multimedia blog post. Congratulations to all our bloggers.  I'm really impressed with our bloggers.  Big time shout out to the "Mack" for connecting his Chronicle work to his blog. That is perfect integration. Well done. Congratulations to the Disch for earning B.O.W.

More proof of the big furry friend

The Bigfoot phenomena is once again picking up some steam.  This guy even has proof.  Click on the copy to learn more.

Bigfoot seen (and heard) in new video?

A British sasquatch enthusiast claims to have captured the sights and sounds of the legendary and elusive ape man. See if it convinces you that Bigfoot is more than a myth.

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Sasquatch in the news again

There are those out there that simply do not believe in Sasquatch. One of those just happens to be (I won't name names but you can click on the link to see who the non believer is)  this fine photographer and blogger.  But, once again Sasquatch is in the headlines and this time there is proof of his existence.  Believe it or not Sasquatch has not only be sited, he's been found, well kind of, and he's been stolen.  The Sasquatch is question usually resides in Delhi Township but now he's missing.  This Sasquatch happens to be a very friendly version.  In fact, he's known to dress up on occasion.  Delhi Township police are on the look out for the missing squatch and if you happen to see him in your neighborhood or driving around in the back of truck please call the Delhi Township Police Department at 513-922-0060. Ralph Spence who is the caretaker for "squashy" would just like his 400 pound friend back. "We just want him back," he said. Mr. Spence says he will not file any charges.UPDATE ON THE STORY - SASQUATCH FOUND CLICK TO READ. 

B.O.W. for Turkey Week

Just because the week is short doesn't mean there can't be some solid blogging.  I'm glad to see we have a new  blogger on the menu this week.  So because of this new blog, an excellent post, and an even better name for a blog.  This is the blog of the week Keeping up with the Jones is a great name for a blog, especially if your last name just happens to be....Jones!

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

B.O.W., a tough choice this week

It's about time you folks made it difficult for me to pick the BOW. This week it was tough.  Several excellent blog posts this week. After reviewing the blogs it came down to two.  I was torn between Meghan Pottle's and the Disch. The Disch really does capture her "Mac Attack" syndrome but I think I have to go with Meghan Pottle's blog this week because she is able to deflect the weak driving skills of teenagers onto careless adults who really are the ones behind the poor driving habits of teenagers.

Dr. John Owens visits MHS Media/Journalism students

Dr. John Owens, the director of the Electronic Media Program at the University of Cincinnati spent the morning with Integrated Media and Journalism at M.H.S.  Dr. Owens shared his insights on the new trends in today's ever evolving media climate.  Several students took advantage of his visit to learn more about the E-Media program.  This is the third year Dr. Owens has visited our program and once again it was a great visit.  We certainly do appreciate him taking the time to talk to our students.

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Door Ding + Decent Guy = B.O.W.

Well, the "marvelous one" told me he would be the blogger of the week so I have no choice but to help his dream come true. But....this isn't a charity case, Marvelous is worthy of the B.O.W. Great writing, solid posts, a tad bit of humor, and anyone who has to suffer a "door ding" should get a little charity, don't you think? You have to hand it to the "marvelous one" - whenever you can find a way to get "American Pie" mentioned on your blog it is worthy of a shout out.

Friday, November 7, 2014

Fighting the Good Fight

The Chronicle staff is kind of tired of PDA.  You'll see a great story in the upcoming Chronicle about the excessive PDA on display. Duncan MacKenzie has even designed a t-shirt.  Sometimes it is best to keep it simple and I think Duncan gets the message across quite well in his t-shirt design.  While it is kind of nice to see two innocent kids holding hands or even sharing an embrace, like Erin Brush said - "it's not like they're going off to war, they're only going to be apart for 50 minutes."

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Awesome writing + great topic = B.O.W.

While I enjoyed reading about Matt Marvar's "door ding," I'm going to have to go with "Jess Sayin" as the Blog of the Week. This has to be a first for Chronicle bloggers.  Alien life forms. You had me at "I believe in Aliens." 

Rashika with the Ping Pong story of the year

This has to go down as one of the most entertaining stories of the year if not ever on MBC.  Awesome job by MBC reporter Rashika Jaipuriar.

Thursday, October 30, 2014

Blog of The Week

Today I'm pleased to announce a couple people are in the running for the Blog of the Week.  Meghan Pottle is on point this week with some solid blogging.  While I'm leaning toward Meghan for some great posts, I have to give the Mack is Back the title of BOW.  Charlie MacKenzie, The "Mack" showed his skills by using the new Videlicious app we talked about in class.  Great job Meghan and Charlie.

MBC Alum on the air at OU

Former MBC sideline reporter Megan Stamper is talking football at Ohio University.  Megan is on the OU's famously popular Gridiron Glory Friday night football show.  Megan knows football, if you don't know Megan, she can talk football with anyone.  You can also see Megan on the air by clinking on this link Megan Stamper talks football on Gridiron Glory. 

Megan Stamper (right) a former MBC reporter now on the air at Ohio University. 

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

A blogging I will go, A blogging, I will go....the B.O.W.

The Chronicle bloggers are really starting to pick it up.  I have to admit I enjoyed my time perusing the blogs of The Chronicle staff.  The Big E, Eric Miller was prognosticating about how Penn State will beat Ohio State. I do think Penn State will bring it against the Buckeyes but I think OSU is just a better team but that Happy Valley crowd could get into the head of the Buck's freshman QB.  Our bloggers continue to be great Jess Sayin' is looking forward to some "me time" when cross country is over but I think she's going to miss it a little. The Disch is serving up the dish on her "lack of time" but she even admits she could be a little better at managing her time. Ashton Nichols is also dealing with some time issues in a Dash of Ash.  It is good to see Charlie MacKenzie joining the ranks of the bloggers - and to be honest - I think Charlie Mack could be a great blogger with his sense of humor and wit.  I hope he tries to keep his blog current and fresh.  Check out the Mack is Back.  But the Blog of the Week goes to a veteran staff member, not one of the "newbies."  The Stich keeps The Chronicle staff grounded and even though she doesn't smile a whole lot I can see her smiling when she wrote her latest blog post.   I also like her self admission and resolution in her post about her "literary struggles." Great job bloggers.

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

She's a great editor and GMC Champion

She's an awesome editor and she's really fast.  Erin Brush not only helps lead The Chronicle to great heights but also helps lead the Mason Comet cross country team to championships. Congratulations Erin and the GMC Champ Comet Cross Country team.


A shout to a "Dash of Ash" this week for the Blogger of the Week. Very nice post and some solid multi-media. Very well done. Our blogging population is slowly growing.  Welcome Meghan Pottle to the blog crew.  Blog posts don't always have to be the latest news they can be about your thoughts on the latest events in the news. Your post can also be a place where you can enlighten your reader on your thoughts, ideas, and even what you learned while covering a story.

Thursday, October 9, 2014

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

The letterman's jacket is back...kind of

It was cool seeing Seth Warwick rock the old school Letterman's Jacket during spirit week.  I reluctantly use the term 'old school' because there are still some schools where the letterman's jacket is a symbol of "I've arrived." It is kind of natural rite of passage to earn your first varsity letter and then get it sewn on your jacket to proudly wear around.  Every once in a while Mason will go up against an opponent where you'll see students wearing their letterman's jacket. I have to admit I thought it was pretty neat seeing Seth wear his jacket to school, complete with letters and awards. Now when kids earn a varsity letter at Mason, they get this felt letter and then wonder...."where do I put this thing."  Maybe it is time to get rid of the actual letter and just give the athletes who earn a letter some kind of plaque.  It might be a better use of athletic department money since kids don't wear letterman's jackets any more. You can even check out some of the iconic films in pop culture and find the letterman's jacket on just about every boy in school and then an even bigger rite of passage was the transfer of that jacket to the girlfriend.  Yes, I said the girlfriend.  It was a major status symbol when the girlfriend walked down the hallway in front of everyone announcing their relationship with their beau by wearing his letterman's jacket. Kudos to Seth for sporting the letterman's jacket.  He proudly wore his Mason Comet colors complete with his varsity letters and awards on display.  It made me go home and start digging through boxes to my find ole tattered jacket, with leather sleeves, and varsity letters. Brought back to some good memories.

Monday, October 6, 2014


While the blog contributions were solid this week, hands down the Blogger of the Week is Jess Sayin.' I told you last week Jessica Sommerville can "flat out" write, well now she can "flat out" blog. Check out Jess Sayin '  

Thursday, October 2, 2014

A sorority worth "rushing"

"The News Sorority" casts together a unique trio of three powerful women of television news.  Even though these three women are very different in style, delivery, politics, and approach, author Sheila Weller delivers a must read for the young women (and men)  who aspire to reach great heights in the world of television news.   Check out Janet Maslin's review in The New York Times.

They have arrived

Television and radio sports talk shows are dominated by men, but with the launch of CBS Sports Network "We Need to Talk," that is changing. At a time when issues surrounding the treatment of women are among some of the most debated topics on sports and even news television - especially in the wake of the NFL's stance on domestic violence this program may help give viewers a unique take on sports and sports related issues from a different and welcomed perspective.
" is a women’s talk show that is a sports show, not a women’s show about sports."

Monday, September 29, 2014

Blogger of the Week

Let's welcome the "Big E" Eric Miller to the blogging world this week.  I can tell Eric wants to talk a little about Penn State football but unfortunately the Nitany Lions took it on the chin this weekend against Northwestern.  I think that might set things back a bit.  Our blogging population is starting to grow so I think it is time for DC Talks to highlight the blogger of the week.  While I enjoyed just about everyone's blog I couldn't help but dig into Jess Sayin'  Jessica Sommerville can "flat out" write. There are those who naturally fit into the "flat out" family.  In baseball Clayton Kershaw can "flat out" pitch. Aretha Franklin can "flat out" sing. DC can "flat out" blog and Jessica Sommerville can "flat out" write.  You've gotta read her latest blog post on test scores and grades. She is Tired of Numbers, and after reading her latest blog post so am I.

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Shout out to Chronicle reporter Eric Miller for multimedia coverage

Eric "The Big E" Miller may be just a freshman on The Chronicle staff but he's already making a huge splash.  "The Big E" knows the newest trend in journalism is convergence or multimedia journalism.  His latest story on about the girls' soccer team is a true example of convergence journalism. 

MBC alum makes Mizzou Television appearance

Many of you remember MBC Wall of Famer and alum Gabe Dubois.  Gabe is currently a freshman at the University of Missouri.  Gabe made his Mizzou television debut last week.  Check him out here Gabe on MUTV 23.  He is at 10:53 in the time code.

Friday, September 19, 2014

A "blog" is born

The world of Chronicle bloggers welcomes some new perspectives to the blogasphere.  I like the catchy title of JessSayin' - I'm looking forward to reading some of the unique ideas and thoughts by our new blogger. Who will win, who will win? I don't know but the RealisticFishHead might know check it out. She might have her in head in the clouds but with this catchy title I think we're in for some interesting reading at The Disch. Catchy titles seem to be in vogue - check out A Dash of Ash. The final new blogger today is another blog with a distinctive title To Blog...or Nahv?  The Chronicle staff is off to a good start with their blogs.  Our blogs are housed at Blogically Speaking on Catchy titles, cool lay-outs, and nifty quotes are nice but good writing will trump all that.  Blogs can be a fun place for reporters to elaborate on their topics and provide added insight regarding their stories or even other people's stories.

Great first issue for Chronicle staff

Congratulations Chronicle staff for a job well done.  
Excellent stories. Chronicle alums would be proud of you today.  The first Big C of
the year goes to Kylie McCalmont. Nice job. Great way to start the year. 

Sunday, September 14, 2014

Deaton and Miller make broadcasting debut

Eric Miller and Joey Deaton did a great job calling the game Friday night as the Comets whipped up on Winton Woods.  Nice job Eric and Joey.  Well done.  Check them out here

Monday, September 8, 2014

Former Chronicle Editor writes great story at OU

Former Chronicle Editor in Chief Rebekah Barnes dealt with a topic that is really starting to get more attention on college campus. Rebekah is a sophomore at Ohio University and she recently published this article in The Post. Check out  Rebs' article here - the headline says it all "OU stands out in sexual violence regulations"  Awesome article Rebs, your fellow Chronicle alums and current staff is proud of you.

Thursday, September 4, 2014

Piano Guys concert was solid

I've been a big fan of the Piano Guys since I stumbled on this amazing duo on YouTube. Their story is really pretty amazing. A guy who plays the piano and another who plays the cello get together to put together an interesting mix of classical and pop music, add some video, and boom you've got an internet sensation.  Now they're doing concerts in major cities and Sony has decided to pick them up. Last night I had a chance to see the Piano Guys live and they didn't disappoint.   It was a great concert. You should check them out.  For you Les Mis fans out there - you'll really like this video.

Monday, September 1, 2014

Marathon Men on the 'mic'

(The "marathon men" left to right Shaun Mitchell, Kevin Carey, and Cullen Ecoffey) 
Friday night was not only opening night for the Mason Comet football team but it was also opening night for and the broadcast team of Kevin Carey, Cullen Ecoffey, and Shaun Mitchell.  Eric Miller was also manning the controls on twitter (@MHSsportsradio).  This amazing team deserves a huge shout for their hard work on Friday night because they were prepared to broadcast the game but when lightening delays put the game on hold for two hours these young men had to fill the airwaves.  When it was all said and done they were on the air for over four hours.  They did a great job in their webcasting debut and they did a fine job with several interviews with some of the Mason' finest student athletes during the delay.  Congratulations "marathon men."  Tune in next Friday night when the "marathon men" become "road warriors" when they hit the road and travel to Columbus to bring you the live action of Comets football when they take on Bishop Watterson.

Monday, August 25, 2014

The Media Empire is growing

The empire that is Mason Media at MHS is once again growing. The ChronicleMBC, and is proud to welcome to the family. As with all growth there will be some growing pains but this group is working hard and preparing to bring you the live action of Friday night Mason Comets football.

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Congratulations Chronicle staff

Check out these awesome award winning Chronicle staff members after dominating the award ceremony at the Indiana University HSJI.

Sunday, July 13, 2014

The Chronicle staff "owns" I.U.

The Chronicle staff just returned from the Indiana University High School Journalism Institute. Check out some of the photos from the week. The Chronicle owns I.U. on PhotoPeach

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Former Chronicle editor interning in London
Former Chronicle Editor-in-Chief Janica Kaneshiro is interning in London as a digital media editor for a non-profit in London called Emerge Poverty Free.  Janica is a student at the Ernie Pyle School of Journalism at Indiana University.  Check out the video she produced and posted today for the non-profit where she is interning.

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Rashika at Reds Media Day
Rashika Jaipuriar recently participated in Cincinnati Reds Media Day.  Rashika had the opportunity to learn about the marketing and communications department of the Cincinnati Reds.  She was on the field for Reds' batting practice, toured the stadium press areas, and more.  You can check out her blog here to learn more about this unique experience.  Rashika is on The Chronicle staff and helped create MBC Overtime

2nd Golden Gremlins Awards

The following MBC staff members were nominated and voted on by their peers for the 2nd Annual MBC Golden Gremlins.  In case you're wonder the movie Gremlins is the official movie of MBC.
Here's a list of the 2013-2014 winners.
Best Overall Story - Megan Drake (Gabe Riveria feature)
Best Humorous Story - Hannah Maxwell (Lacrosse Flow) - she received a ton of votes
Best Human Interest Story - Kevin Carey - Baseball Challenger League
Best Academic News (tie) - Katelyn Emter for work study program, Fernanda Hurtado for Honors Anatomy Arm Dissection
Best Entertainment News - Gabe Dubois for water bottle boat
Best Sports Story - Tori McVey - Curt and Brady Bly baseball batboy story
Best On Air Talent (tie) - Kaitlyn Shive and Kendall Heydt
Best Videography - Javert Valbar
Best Writer - Fernanda Hurtado
Best Sentimental Story - Megan Drake (Gabe Riveria feature)
Best Editing - Javert Valbar
Best Interview (tie) Kendall Jones with the deaf teacher & Frita Beauchamp with the hairstylist
Best Live Reporting - Hannah Maxwell
Most Versatile - Kendall Jones
Best Convergence Media - Rashika Jaipuriar for creating MBC Overtime and School of Rock feature on MBC O.T.
Best Mentor - Gabe Dubois
Best Kids in the Hall Segment(s) - Kendall Jones (multiple pieces)
MBC Rising Star (tie)- Breanne Gibb & Frita Beauchamp
Most Positive Person - Kendall Heydt
Gizmo for Future Broadcasting Star - Javert Valbar
Yoda MBC MVP - Gabe Dubois

Monday, May 19, 2014

Journalism College Signing Day was awesome

Friday, May 16 we celebrated the college decisions by the MBC and The Chronicle seniors.  Congratulations to all our awesome seniors ! Thank you to the parents and family members for joining us.

Here's a list of the seniors who participated and their college choice.

Lindsay McCalmont
The Ohio State University
Matt Hauer
The Ohio State University
Joey Thomas
University of Cincinnati
Hannah Maxwell
University of Cincinnati
Jacob Snow
University of Cincinnati
Javert Valenzuela Barrios
University of Cincinnati
Chloe Knue
Miami University
Emily Taylor
Miami University
Gabe Dubois
University of Missouri
Lindsay Cornwell
Bowling Green State University
Kendall Jones
Columbus College of Art and Design
Morgan Orlando
University of Tennessee
Fernanda Hurtado
Northeastern University
Monica Brucher
College of Mt. St. Joseph
Meghan Harris
University of Toledo
Erika Alva
Xavier University
Molly Hough
University of Kentucky
Katie Rojas
University of Michigan
Will Leathers
University of Alabama
Rachel Frogge
Santa Monica College
Sami Villagran
Embry Riddle Aeronautical Institute
Taylor Telford
Indiana University
Kendall Heydt
Sinclair Commmunity College
Katherine Hansen
Brigham Young University
Megan Drake
Brigham Young University
Chris Rice
University of Dayton
Allie Fultz
Ohio University
Cameron Gunnels
Ohio University
Kaitlyn Shive
Ohio University

Don't forget the good ole days !

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Great story - worth the read - puts things into perspective

If you have a couple minutes and even if you don't this is a story worth reading.  At this time of year with seniors graduating it makes you take a step back and consider the things that are really important. Many teachers and coaches have made an impact on the lives of their students and athletes.  Here's an inspiring story of a coach who has done just that.

Monday, May 12, 2014

A shout out to the talented student behind

A huge shout out has to go to the extremely talented editor behind  Gina Deaton is the online editor for  If you haven't checked out lately then you're missing out.  Right now you can check out stories and photo galleries about boys lacrosse, fastpitch softball, boys volleyball, Science Olympiad, and a story about a Holocaust survivor who visited students at MHS. The site is packed full of photos, stories, and video.  Gina is a tireless worker who has helped make the site to visit if you want to keep up with what is going on at MHS.

Thursday, May 1, 2014

Spiderman (Peter Parker) and Superman (Clark Kent) need a lesson in journalistic ethics

An article in The Atlantic was passed along to me today and I was thoroughly amused with Daniel Snyder's take on the breaches of ethical journalism by two superheroes who, in their disguises saved many damsels in distress, but in their "bill paying" fronts were unethical journalists. Check out his article here:

Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Welcome to MBC Overtime
Once again the broadcast journalism students show their stuff.  Today marks an historic day for MBC. The Mason Broadcast Crew has been producing outstanding productions now for 13 years and today the MBC family is proud to announce a new member of the family MBC OvertimeMBC Overtime takes MBC productions to a new level - allowing our students to delve even deeper into their topics.  Check it out here

Monday, April 28, 2014

MBC & The Chronicle staff at Ball State

Students from The Chronicle and MBC attended the Ball State University Journalism day on Friday, April 25.  Students attended various sessions related to the field of journalism.  Many staff members won a variety of awards.   The award winners were : Print News Overall Excellent The Chronicle Staff, Feature Story Honorable Mention Taylor Telford (2), Rashika Jaipuriar (2), News Story Excellent Fernanda Hurtado (2) News Story Honorable Mention Sheila Raghavendran, Taylor Telford, Fernanda Hurtado, Print Front Page Design Excellent Gabrielle Stichweh, Multimedia Storytelling Excellent Rashika Jaipuriar, Multimedia Storytelling Honorable Mention Sonia Rayka,  Fernanda Hurtado (2), Sports Photo Superior Madison Krell,  Sports Photo Honorable Mention Madison Krell, Broadcast Feature Honorable Mention Emily Wilhelm, Gabe Dubois (2,,

College List

Check out the list of colleges our MBC and The Chronicle seniors are attending - AWESOME !

Thursday, April 24, 2014

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Brandon Phillips...the worst? Seriously

The photobomb (left)  that made BP the "World's Worst Person in Sports."
Brandon, please keep on smiling and having fun.
     Keith Olbermann called Brandon Phillips the "World's Worst Person in Sports" on his ESPN2 program that airs nightly at 11:00 (prime slot in the ESPN line up).  This is the same Keith Olbermann who was pretty successful on ESPN several years ago but decided the go the political rant route and jump to MSNBC where his "Countdown" show ended abruptly with a cancellation notice tucked away in his mailbox. His role was also eliminated on NBC's Sunday Night Football. Now he's calling out Brandon Phillips for missing a game due to an injury.  Here's Olbermann's rant - not heard by many since his show doesn't receive the highest of ratings.
     Of course he is smart to pick on Phillips.  Phillips has a huge following on twitter and anyone who knows anything about the new social media marketplace - the way to pick up viewers and followers is to piggy back on someone who has a huge following.  Insert Brandon Phillips here - rant about DatDude and then pick up some viewers for your fledgling television show. Of course Olbermann didn't take a closer look at Brandon Phillips who has been an iron man on the Reds roster since he took over at second base in 2006.  Phillips played in a 151 games last year and even gutted out the end of the season when he was visibly injured. In fact the fewest games BP has played in since joining the Reds is 141 in 2008. Check out BP's career stats here'R'&sectionType=career&statType=1&season=2014&level='ALL'
     I don't always like some of Phillips' antics but he is a gamer. And I didn't like his comments in Cincinnati Magazine last  year. But he doesn't take days off because a tough pitcher is on the mound.  He plays injured.  He makings dazzling plays in the infield.  He practically finishes every game he plays in with a dirt stained uniform. He will bat anywhere in the lineup. He battles his way through slumps and still acts like he enjoys playing this kids' game.  While some players appear to look like zombies out there because it make hurt their "professional" personae DatDude still plays the game with flare and joy.  If that makes BP the "World's Worst Person in Sports," then so be it - I bet BP got a good laugh out of it.

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Comet broadcasters are award winners

Congratulations are in order for some of our outstanding broadcasters. They were among the award winners at the Golden Lion Film Festival held at Ursuline High School last week.
Gabe Dubois, Katelyn Shive, and Breanne Gibb were award
winners at the Golden Lion Film Festival
Mason Winners were:
Mountain Lion Award
Alternative Film
Gabe Dubois (senior), Early Spring bass fishing
Fernanda Hurtado (senior) Fencing Highlight Video
White Lion Award
Informational and Educational Video
Gabe Dubois/Javert Valenzula-Barrios (seniors) Mason High School welcome video
Mountain Lion Award
Gabe Dubois - Shaker Run Golf Clinic for Down Syndrome
Golden Lion Award
Newcast Category
Breanne Gibb (Junior) Girls water polo state champions
Newscast Mountain Lion
Katelyn Shive (Senior) and Gabe Dubois - DJ at Sports Plus
Frita Beauchamp (junior) - Aspring Doctors -
Frita Beauhcamp - African American Hair -
Frita Beauchamp - Student starts cupcake business -
Hira Qureshi (junior) Orchestra -
Gabe Dubois - Integrated Media Internship -
Gabe Dubois - Mason body builder -
Gabe Dubois - Moonwalk Friday -
Gabe Dubois - Water polo qualifies for state tournament -
Gabe Dubois - water polo stars -
Gabe Dubois - Kit Kats for Big Cats -
Gabe Dubois - Broomball at MHS -
Gabe Dubois - Parkour at MHS -
Gabe Dubois - Trimester vs. Semesters -
Gabe Dubois - Mason LAN Party -
Fernanda Hurtado (senior) - Hands off Learning -
Breanne Gibb - Olympic hopeful swimmer -
Breanne Gibb - Mason Hockey vs. Lakota East -

Congratulations to our outstanding students - (way to dominate Gabe!)