Friday, October 18, 2013

Shut up and Play

"Why did they give my #12 to someone else?" That's my number, how dare they?
I used to really admire Dwight Howard.  He played hard and he played with passion.  Off the court he was a great example to young kids and he was outspoken about his faith.  However, over the last few years I really have lost a lot of my admiration for this guy.  I know Dwight could care less about what some high school teacher thinks about him but I wish he would just shut up and play.  He got a good coach fired in Orlando, he goes to L.A. does absolutely nothing there, and now he is in Houston where the Rockets have pinned their hopes on his hype.  During the past off season he appeared to be handling things the right way, talking more about team accomplishments, and his role to help the Rockets get to a championship level and then this -  Now Dwight is upset they gave the #12 to another player in Orlando. Are you serious?
Howard said he was disappointed that, last February, after the Magic acquired Tobias Harris in a trade, the team granted Harris’ request to wear No. 12, Howard’s old number.

“I just think that despite whatever happened, there was a lot of things that I did and that we did as a team, and that number was special down there,” Howard said. “And I was a little bit upset about that.”
He even acknowledges "despite whatever happened," in that above statement that there are still ill feelings there and that he thinks they should acknowledge him.  I guess he's saying he wants to see his jersey hanging from the rafters.  I guess guys who play well for a franchise, get their team to the play-offs a few times now think they're worthy of some kind of knighthood.  Retiring jersey and greatness should be reserved for the great players.  The players who distinguished themselves both individually and as a part of their team.  Magic Johnson, Michael Jordan, Larry Bird, Kobe Bryant, Kareem, Julius Erving, Bill Russell - champions. They were great individually and great teammates too. So Dwight - shut up and play - but if you can't shut up - then think before you speak.

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