Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Our bloggers are Super !

I spent some time last night checking out our student bloggers and once again I'm amazed at their work.  They are really using their blogs to express some of their own personal thoughts and ideas.  Katie Rojas really tackled a tough issue in her blog http://katerojas12.wordpress.com/.  With all the focus on health care Katie takes a shot at mental health care.  Check out her blog. http://katerojas12.wordpress.com/  Kelly Noriega is really starting to delve into some issues on her blog. http://knoriegachronicle.wordpress.com/  Kelly takes a look at a topic that is probably of interest to all teenagers - losing control.  Teenagers are bombarded with time management decisions and Kelly gives her readers some honest insight into her personality. Katie Hermann http://international-alternative-music.blogspot.com/ continues to rock on her blog.  I really found Lindsay McCalmont's http://lindsaymccalmont.wordpress.com/ blog to be thought provoking and "dead on."  Lindsay talks about her thought process as she applies for college and in one of her posts she lets everyone know that Steeler pride is alive and well in the McCalmont household.  I think for every senior applying to college right now - Lindsay's blog is worth the read. Rashika Jaipuriar is one of our best bloggers.  http://rashikajaipuriar.wordpress.com/ Her blog is constantly updated with news here in Comet Country but she also takes some time to "brag" a little - which I am fine with - I was happy to see Rashika was pleased with her first byline.  Congratulations Rashika.  Sonia Rayka's blog post this week is hard hitting and honest writing. http://soniarayka.wordpress.com/  Sonia discusses a topic that needs to get more attention on college campuses, especially after a flyer surfaced on the campus of Miami University last year.  You need to read Sonia's blog.  Jimmy Halpin http://jimmyhalpin.wordpress.com/ loves sports and this week he discusses college football. After a week of "dud" games Jimmy finally gets the chance to talk about some good games. Blogger Gina Deaton http://ginadeaton.wordpress.com/ talks about blessings her blog post this week and how her family tries to help make one  young man's life a little better. Marvelous Matt Marvar's blog is a unique blend of thoughts and images and this week he talks about taking on the characteristics of an object. You gotta read it - I can't do it justice by describing it. http://marvarvelous.wordpress.com/  Madison Krell's blog post this week has coverage of a "free"dom event in Mason. http://madisonkrell.wordpress.com/  Emily Taylor's blog post this week talks about how life can change in an instant.  Emily's blog allows us to get a closer look at what is going on "Beyond the Surface," https://emilytaylor001.wordpress.com/. Abbey Marshall's blog https://emilytaylor001.wordpress.com/ allows readers to get to know Abbey a little better.  In her blog you'll find that she's a bit of a "scaredy cat" but she does have a protector. Monica Brucher's blog http://monicabrucher.wordpress.com/ tackles a truly tough topic - especially after some of the horrendous events in the news lately.  Gabrielle Stichweh may be a master graphic designer - in fact so popular that she's garnered the title of "The Stick," but this week she is discussing the topic of feminism and I like her point of view. http://gabriellestichweh.wordpress.com/ Fernanda Hurtado shows off some of her Chronicle convergence media work on her blog http://ferhurtiz95.wordpress.com/ but she also lets her readers know "who she walks for," and I truly appreciate Fernanda letting us have a glimpse at her life and her hero. 
You need to read her blog.  Thanks Fernanda and wow, what a great story http://lightthenightma.wordpress.com/2013/09/27/who-do-you-walk-for/   Chronicle Sports Editor Erin Brush uses her blog to post the stories she's working on for The Chronicle.  This is a great use of her blog http://erinsbrush.wordpress.com/.  I really don't know what the heck snapchat is good for but Sheila Raghavendran helps me understand it a little better on her blog http://sheilaraghavendran.wordpress.com/.  So once again, there you have it.  Our blogging crew is really doing a great job.  Blogs are a great avenue to express more opinions and ideas about the news that is important to the blogger.  Sometimes its a great place to give a shout out to people or just to let them know you're watching what they're doing and in this case I'm watching and I think our bloggers are doing a great job. Keep it up.

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