Thursday, October 3, 2013

I Knew It !

I have always had a sneaky suspicion that Bigfoot is real.  I mean come on, we discover new species all the time.  When tsunami's hit new ocean species from the depths of the ocean are discovered so why can't there be a Sasquatch.  Well there is new evidence that the big guy exists.   For years people have been trying to find "Bigfoot," and last year a popular television show Finding Bigfoot really brought this phenomena into the mainstream.  There is even this dude on the show "Bobo" who is says he "knows" Bigfoot exists.  He doesn't "believe" Bigfoot exists. He knows. it. Check out this video of Bobo on the Conan Show. Bobo is kind of cool. I think he may actually have some "Sasquatch" DNA in his own genes. Bobo loves Bigfoot and his passion for this furry species really shows.  You gotta watch this.

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