Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Government Shutdown, do you care?

The United States Government is "shut down."  Well for most people they would say the government should be shut down, since the American people for the most part feel, shut out when it comes to matters of government.  A lot of people are asking what does this mean to me?  Well I'm not going to try to wade into those murky waters but you will probably see some slow down of government services and a lot of government workers will probably get several days off without pay.  Of course our government leaders will still get paid. On Day 1 of the government shut down you might witness something like this The government makes sure the things they shut down are noticeable, a kind of like "rub it in your face inconvenience."

The reality of the shutdown began to become clear early Tuesday. Children’s playgrounds in small pocket parks around Capitol Hill were closed. The military service academies suspended all intercollegiate sports competitions. The National Zoo’s online “Panda Cam” stopped showing images of Mei Xiang’s latest cub. Officials stopped giving tours of Alcatraz prison in San Francisco Bay.
The American people are losing faith in their political leaders or then again maybe they're not because many of these same figures will be reelected. Sports fans who often are immune from governmental issues and even tragedies could see some games impacted by the shutdown.  Today, there is news that the Air Force - Navy game could be postponed.  These two heralded service academies are feeling the government shutdown pinch.

Maryland AD Kevin Anderson, who spent six years in the same position at Army, was stunned by the news that the Navy-Air Force game might be canceled .
“I still have a strong affinity for the service academies. ... Athletics and competition is a key pillar to what the academies are all about,” Anderson said Tuesday in College Park. “I think it would send shock waves through the West Point community and also through the country. If there's three teams that I believe this country embraces through thick and thin, it's the Air Force, Navy and Army. For them not to be able to compete this weekend is very disappointing.” Asked about the possibility of the Army-Navy game not being played if the shutdown continued into mid-December, Anderson was blunt.
“That would be un-American,” he said
There still is hope that the game will be played since a lot of the funding for athletics at the academies come from private sources and conference affiliations but you never know, in order to drive the point home the game could be cancelled which would mean delaying some of the pageantry that exists when the service academies compete against one another.
 It doesn't matter where you go for guidance on the issue.  On Fox News you're going to hear about the Democrats are responsible.  One CNN you're going to hear how the Republicans are at fault and I'm sure they'll throw in some rationale that George W. Bush had something to do with it but even television personalities are tweeting some of the things that we're probably already thinking.

 Of course the shutdown is causing true harm and this should not happen.  United States military veterans who traveled to the World War II memorial were shut out until some politicians conveniently postured to get them access.  Notice politicians from both sides of the aisle made sure they were on hand to greet and grant these deserving veterans access to the memorial.  Of course they didn't talk about their role in this. 
United States veterans deserve to visit their memorial.  Here's another good story that shows that even after all these years of fighting for our country, our veterans are still fighting.  Thank goodness for these men and women who are willing to stand up for their beliefs.
The BBC really did a nice job covering the story but you can still manage to catch a glimpse of politicians trying to politicize the whole mess. 
No matter what you're belief or what side of the aisle you're on you won't have any trouble surfing the net to find those who support you.  You can listen to Rand Paul on one of his rants or you can listen to Nancy Pelosi talk about the anti government stance of Republicans.  The whole thing is a mess and the American people, the folks who elect these leaders are left standing here asking our leaders to represent us instead of posturing for their next reelection.  Wait until the next big huge election cycle all this will be used in their campaigns, debates, and advertisements.  The government shutdown does affect us.
So that's pretty much how the shutdown will affect you but more importantly it's probably already driving home a point we've already come to grasp with and it's that our government is dysfunctional. While it's flawed it is still a democracy and it's founded on truly great principles.  "Government for the people, by the people," what a novel idea.

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