Monday, October 7, 2013

Blogger feedback and the Super Star Blogger

Last week I issued a challenge for our bloggers.  I asked them to integrate multi media with news commentary in their blogs. They were allowed to choose whatever  news they felt was important.  So here's a rundown of the bloggers. Katie Rojas waded into the Miley Cyrus phenomena - Katie has links, tweets, and video. Katie Hermann explored the issue of bullying with pictures, links, and commentary. Lindsay McCalmont discussed how the government shutdown is having an impact on an area that probably many people aren't really paying attention to - space. Rashika Jaipuriar focused on health care which is a pretty hot topic right now.  Sonia Rayka also focused on the government shutdown. Gina Deaton touched on the topic of mail, more specifically the kind of mail that actually arrives in our mailbox not the electronic kind. Matt Marvar took a closer look at one of the top stories in the country right now.  The viral video of the motorcyclists assaulting an SUV driver has made national news, Matt has some commentary.   A woman tried to run through a blockade in Washington D.C. - she ended up dead - and now we're finding out she may have been mentally ill - Madison Krell explored this topic on her blog. Emily Taylor has a great blog post on a young teenager who had to make an agonizing choice. Abbey Marshall also explored the government shutdown on her blog.  The government shutdown is a hot topic and Monica Brucher has more info on her blog. Gabrielle Stichweh has the lowdown on the shutdown on her blog. Fernanda Hurtado broke free from government shutdown talk and introduced us to Siri - seriously Fernanda found Siri. So now comes the time for me to pick the superstar blogger of the week.  While I found Fernanda's blog post awesome - especially the topic - I have to go with Lindsay McCalmont as the superstar blogger of the week because she "got it."  She intertwined commentary, discussion, out quotes, pictures and video in her blog.  She dangled the bait in a visual way and I took the bait and explored more.  She just didn't provide a link, she discussed the topic, inserted interesting quotes, and even embedded video. It was a tough decision considering Fernanda introduced us to Siri and Katie Rojas actually acknowledged the Cyrus conundrum. The bloggers did a great job I will be looking forward to the upcoming blog posts.  

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