Friday, September 13, 2013

Why haven't you check out our bloggers?

I was checking out some Chronicle and MBC bloggers this week and I have to admit I'm pretty impressed with our bloggers.  They are doing a great job.  If you don't blog you should consider it and if you don't want to blog you should consider following our bloggers.  They are insightful, honest, candid, and very informative. Abbey Marshall is new to The Chronicle staff this year and so far I've been very impressed with this talented writer.  Her blog posts this week really touch on some very honest and sincere subjects.  Check her out here   Emily Taylor's blog let us in on a little secret, Emily is preparing to run a marathon.  You can check out her plans for marathon prep and some other interesting topics here Madison Krell is another new staff member on The Chronicle this year and I have found Madison to be very witty and she always has something funny to add to conversations but this week she touched on a very serious topic, check it out here Matthew Marvar is "Marvarvelous" - check out his blog here - cool design and insightful comments as well Gina Deaton's blog is impressive and you'll enjoy reading Gina's work.  This week she even has a humorous look at her own name, check it our here Jimmy Halpin loves sports and his blog shows off his love of anything sports.  Right now Jimmy is commenting on the NFL and I think you'll enjoy reading his commentary here I met Fernanda Hurtado last year in Intro to Broadcast Journalism and I was immediately impressed with Fernanda's deep thinking (it's too bad she's a St. Louis Cardinals' fan - but I won't hold that against her) Fernanda has a very colorful and interesting blog, the time you spend reading her blog is well worth it, check it out here Sonia Rayka is another new Chronicle blogger and I think you'll enjoy checking out Sonia's fresh blog here  Rashika Jaipuriar is really getting into blogging.  She is probably posting more on her blogs than anyone on The Chronicle staff right now and her blog features variety.  She can talk sports, politics, culture and today she's talking about the "day after," I think you'll better understand what I mean here Lindsay McCalmont is kind of quiet in class but when she writes in her blog she is a little louder and I really am enjoying the variety in Lindsay's blog, check it out here Katie Hermann is just getting into blogging but I think she is going to be a superstar blogger.  She enjoys music so you'll mostly see her take on music but every once in a while she steps out of her music mode and comments on other topics, check her out here Kelly Noriega's blog has a really cool design and this week she really has touched on some interesting topics - I think you'll enjoy Kelly's blog here and finally there's MBC blogger Gabe Dubois - and when you stumble onto Gabe's blog you're going to get all the fishing advice you need.  Gabe is a true "bassmaster" and if you're wanting to catch some trophy bass this weekend - then Gabe's blog should be packed away in your tackle box, check him out here   There are some more Chronicle and MBC bloggers on the "blog" scene but it's been a while since they've blogged some new material so I'll revisit their blog next week and then I'll share their stories.

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