Wednesday, September 4, 2013

One stolen base = historic Reds' moment

Bid McPhee is the Cincinnati Reds all time stolen bases leader with 568.  Many of you have probably never heard of Bid.  Well his major league debut was in 1882 so its OK if you don't know a whole about Bid.  The modern day leader in stolen bases is Joe Morgan, probably someone you've heard a little more about.  Morgan played on the Big Red Machine, is a Hall of Famer, former ESPN analyst.  Morgan ended his Reds' career with 406 thefts. But last it seems like last night when speedster Billy Hamilton stole his first major league base everyone went nuts, like it was something for the record books.   I have to admit it was exciting because it meant helping the Reds win a game against the Cardinals but come on - its only one stolen base and since  Hamilton is a suspect hitter it could be a while before he is considered a major threat to Bid McPhee's record.  Hamilton is fast - super fast - but you can't steal first base so it could be a while before we see Hamilton in the lead-off role for the Reds.

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