Thursday, September 26, 2013

Ludwick thinks Reds' fan stink

Early in the season Jay Bruce called out Reds' fans, now Ryan Ludwick who has barely played this season thinks Reds' fans are troubled.
“Coming over here, I heard about how big a baseball town this is. We’ve put a
winning ballclub out there’’ three of the last four years, said Ludwick. “This is a good team. When we went to Pittsburgh, they had an advantage. (Fans) were loud. A playoff atmosphere.’’

Ryan Ludwick is batting .258 with 12 R.B.I. since returning from the D.L. Of course he was in the D.L. because he didn't know how to dive into base but I won't remind Ryan of that.  Now Ludwick thinks Reds' fans are bad fans and he tried to put a spin on what he was saying just as he realized his comments could get him in hot water.  He says he calling out fans in a positive way. Give me a break.

“I might be be calling (fans) out. But I’m calling them out in a positive way. We want loud and energetic. It’s like a natural Red Bull. We need every positive aspect we can to keep this thing going.’’ 

Cincinnati Enquirer columnist Paul Daugherty isn't buying it and neither am I.

"I respect this line of thought. I’ve never understood it. The onus is on the performers, not their audience. The play’s the thing. For whatever reason, this is a good team that has not seized the local imagination." 
Ludwick says "coming over here I heard about big a baseball town this is," hey Ryan - this baseball town and organization helped you resurrect your career.  Over the last two days the Reds returned home to a town that was buzzing about their team's chance to win the Central Division - instead Reds' fans got an effort from their team that was anything but passionate.  This team clearly showed they're a wild card team. Dusty said there was no reason to play with urgency - in the meantime the Cardinals swept the Nationals and eliminated any hopes they had of stealing a wild card spot. That's why the Cardinals are the measuring stick in the Central Division. 

The Reds' fans deserve better.  The team is in town for their final  home stand and instead of giving fans an effort that resembles a team that wants to get to a World Series fans got a team that looked like they already had their bags packed for the off season. If this team loses in the wildcard game to the Pirates this was a wasted season because a one game wildcard is really just an extra game.  Maybe the bags are packed.

Read Paul Daugherty's column here:|newswell|text|FRONTPAGE|p

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