Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Can you say Fired Up ! ? !

I was reading Fernanda Hurtado's blog today and I have to say it "fired me up ! "  First of all it is cool to see how things are working out for Fernanda.   Now I just can't wait to read Fernanda's first Chronicle story.   Now this is a great quote from her blog.  Fernanda, you've got me pumped up! Read more here http://ferhurtiz95.wordpress.com/
"Now my biggest achievement yet is being part of The Chronicle and getting to write such an inspiring story. In just four years of high school I went from thinking I was interested in archeology in freshman year to this moment of my senior year as I begin to fill out my college applications for some of the best journalism schools in the country. Like I said, it’s funny how things happen for the better. "

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