Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Buckeyes not to blame in Florida A & M blow out

Jordan Hall uses the referee to help him get to the endzone.
I was at the Ohio State vs. Florida A & M game on Saturday.  It was a blow out and I got to see a lot of future stars play in the game for OSU.  It was kind of boring.  Ohio State won 76-0.  http://thelantern.com/2013/09/ohio-state-dominates-florida-a-m-76-0/ People are criticizing Ohio State for this game but really the administration of Florida A & M should be the ones who are getting the criticism.  They agree to allow their players to go out there and be a scrimmage game in exchange for $900,000.  These small schools don't have the revenue stream that major universities like Ohio State have so they have to agree to play games against these powerhouses in exchange for funds.  This money helps them run their athletic departments and fund their sports.  Just about every college program does it.  Check out the schedules of Alabama, Florida, Texas - and then wait for basketball season when Kentucky takes on teams that help them get in some glorified pre-season preparation before their conference season.  I actually don't begrudge these teams for doing this because in college football they don't get scrimmages.  In high school they get several scrimmages, in the NFL they get pre-season games but college football teams show up at the beginning of August and start practicing and then three weeks later have to start playing.  With freshman playing such a vital role now it is important to get them some game like experience.  So even though these games really aren't that exciting there is still always that outside chance that history could be made.  Just ask that team up north about a little known school called Appalachian State. http://www.cbssports.com/collegefootball/story/19866497/five-years-ago-app-state-changed-it-all-but-whats-really-new-today

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