Monday, September 30, 2013

Madison is a blogging superstar

Our bloggers are really doing a great job but this week I have to give a shout out to Madison Krell.  Madison used her blog to actually cover an event.  Nice job Madison.  You are starting to get it ! A blog is a great place to continue your job as a reporter.  The print version of The Chronicle was already out, was full of stories but when these two avenues aren't available - where do you go?  Yes, you got it - your blog.   You need to check out Madison's blog so you can see what she covered.  I'm not going to tell you so you have to go read it.

Friday, September 27, 2013

Breaking News: Chloe headed to Miami

You heard it here first.  Chloe Knue, yes the Chloe Knue with ice water in her veins, she rarely smiles, she takes every thing so seriously, she hates small talk, yes that Chloe is headed to Miami University where she will continue her academic and soccer career next year.  Chloe is a tremendous athlete and she has worked hard to achieve this tremendous accomplishment.  Congratulations Chloe, you are aweome!   It will be awesome to see you suiting up for Miami but until then you've still got a lot of work to do for the Comet soccer team and of course as editor-in-chief of The Chronicle.  Chloe is number 5 in the green jersey in the picture above and in true Chloe fashion she looks like she's enjoying stomping on that girl in the white jersey.

Proud of my kid !

Time to give a shout out to one of my own.  My son, Austin qualified for the Division II district golf tournament by finishing in the top ten yesterday in the sectional tournament.  A good round next week at districts and he could be headed to Columbus to play in the state championship.  I can't play golf with him any more, he beats me way too bad.  He's had a really good week of golf lately, earning all league by finishing in the top of his conference, qualifying for districts and today he's visiting OSU.   That's the way a senior year should be - having fun, doing well, and going out strong.  I'm proud of him.

First issue of The Chronicle well done

The editor team and staff of The Chronicle deserve a big congratulations for getting the first issue out today.  The issue was very good with a wide variety of articles.  Nice job team ! No time to enjoy it though - back to work on the next issue.  It was a team effort - EVERYONE. The Chronicle - Voted the Number One Student Newspaper at Mason High School.....since....forever !

Thursday, September 26, 2013

Ludwick thinks Reds' fan stink

Early in the season Jay Bruce called out Reds' fans, now Ryan Ludwick who has barely played this season thinks Reds' fans are troubled.
“Coming over here, I heard about how big a baseball town this is. We’ve put a
winning ballclub out there’’ three of the last four years, said Ludwick. “This is a good team. When we went to Pittsburgh, they had an advantage. (Fans) were loud. A playoff atmosphere.’’

Ryan Ludwick is batting .258 with 12 R.B.I. since returning from the D.L. Of course he was in the D.L. because he didn't know how to dive into base but I won't remind Ryan of that.  Now Ludwick thinks Reds' fans are bad fans and he tried to put a spin on what he was saying just as he realized his comments could get him in hot water.  He says he calling out fans in a positive way. Give me a break.

“I might be be calling (fans) out. But I’m calling them out in a positive way. We want loud and energetic. It’s like a natural Red Bull. We need every positive aspect we can to keep this thing going.’’ 

Cincinnati Enquirer columnist Paul Daugherty isn't buying it and neither am I.

"I respect this line of thought. I’ve never understood it. The onus is on the performers, not their audience. The play’s the thing. For whatever reason, this is a good team that has not seized the local imagination." 
Ludwick says "coming over here I heard about big a baseball town this is," hey Ryan - this baseball town and organization helped you resurrect your career.  Over the last two days the Reds returned home to a town that was buzzing about their team's chance to win the Central Division - instead Reds' fans got an effort from their team that was anything but passionate.  This team clearly showed they're a wild card team. Dusty said there was no reason to play with urgency - in the meantime the Cardinals swept the Nationals and eliminated any hopes they had of stealing a wild card spot. That's why the Cardinals are the measuring stick in the Central Division. 

The Reds' fans deserve better.  The team is in town for their final  home stand and instead of giving fans an effort that resembles a team that wants to get to a World Series fans got a team that looked like they already had their bags packed for the off season. If this team loses in the wildcard game to the Pirates this was a wasted season because a one game wildcard is really just an extra game.  Maybe the bags are packed.

Read Paul Daugherty's column here:|newswell|text|FRONTPAGE|p

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Nice Job MBC

The first MBC broadcast of the year was a huge success. Congratulations to the Mason Broadcast Crew.   Our production team should be commended for their outstanding leadership and the entire team deserves a huge "Shout out," for their great work.  Nice job.  You can check out the first broadcast of the year here.

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Buckeyes not to blame in Florida A & M blow out

Jordan Hall uses the referee to help him get to the endzone.
I was at the Ohio State vs. Florida A & M game on Saturday.  It was a blow out and I got to see a lot of future stars play in the game for OSU.  It was kind of boring.  Ohio State won 76-0. People are criticizing Ohio State for this game but really the administration of Florida A & M should be the ones who are getting the criticism.  They agree to allow their players to go out there and be a scrimmage game in exchange for $900,000.  These small schools don't have the revenue stream that major universities like Ohio State have so they have to agree to play games against these powerhouses in exchange for funds.  This money helps them run their athletic departments and fund their sports.  Just about every college program does it.  Check out the schedules of Alabama, Florida, Texas - and then wait for basketball season when Kentucky takes on teams that help them get in some glorified pre-season preparation before their conference season.  I actually don't begrudge these teams for doing this because in college football they don't get scrimmages.  In high school they get several scrimmages, in the NFL they get pre-season games but college football teams show up at the beginning of August and start practicing and then three weeks later have to start playing.  With freshman playing such a vital role now it is important to get them some game like experience.  So even though these games really aren't that exciting there is still always that outside chance that history could be made.  Just ask that team up north about a little known school called Appalachian State.

Blogger of the Week

It's that time again to give a shout out to a great student blogger.  This week I couldn't help but notice Katie Hermann keeps rolling on. Blogging is about finding a niche and Katie certainly has found hers.  While I may not share the same musical taste as Katie and who knows we may actually many of the artists I find her blog interesting.   Keep up the good work Katie.  You can check out Katie's blog here Katie's blog has a very professional look, it is very organized and easy to read.  She also makes great use of photos to help add another dimension to her blog.

Thursday, September 19, 2013

The Quote of the Year !

“It was a crazy play,” he said. “I liked the play, but I didn’t like all that face in the butt. I felt uncomfortable and violated. I know he felt violated too. I’m glad it wasn’t my face."
- Brandon Phillips,
(quoted in The Houston Chronicle)

Dorms aren't what they used to be

Seniors are applying to college right now and one of things they look forward to is getting their dorm and decorating their dorm rooms.  College dorm rooms used to be little square boxes with a bunkbed and a desk in it.  Students would have to walk down the hall to take a shower and had to look for creative ways to store stuff in their rooms.  Some cool posters, maybe a loft if you're so inclined, you might get lucky and have a game room in the basement but that is all changing.  As colleges look to recruit students they have to take creative approaches to getting them on their campus and one of the best ways to do that is upgrade their dorms and offer fitness & recreational facilities.  Check out this article in The New Republic about how dorms are changing on college campuses.  - you can check out the photo gallery here.  These are amazing dorm rooms.

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Former Chronicle editor makes front page

Janica Kaneshiro served as Editor-n-Chief of The Chronicle during the 2011-12 school year.  Janica is now a student at Indiana University.  Last year she studied abroad in Hiroshima, Japan.  After tremendous research and gathering of information while in Japan, Janica's story was published on the front page of the Santa Fe Reporter.  Check out this amazing story here If you don't read this story you're really missing out. 

Did you see this?


Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Can you say Fired Up ! ? !

I was reading Fernanda Hurtado's blog today and I have to say it "fired me up ! "  First of all it is cool to see how things are working out for Fernanda.   Now I just can't wait to read Fernanda's first Chronicle story.   Now this is a great quote from her blog.  Fernanda, you've got me pumped up! Read more here
"Now my biggest achievement yet is being part of The Chronicle and getting to write such an inspiring story. In just four years of high school I went from thinking I was interested in archeology in freshman year to this moment of my senior year as I begin to fill out my college applications for some of the best journalism schools in the country. Like I said, it’s funny how things happen for the better. "

Miss America, yes I said Miss America...

A new Miss America was crowned and it has created quite a stir.  Sheila Raghavendran is also blogging about it. Check out Sheila's take on the new Miss America.  I can't believe I'm actually blogging about a beauty pageant but instead of talking about the beauty of this young woman the conversation has turned kind of ugly.  I find Sheila's opinion very interesting and I believe her opinion is worth listening to - read more here

Monday, September 16, 2013

Dog on a blog

I want to give a shout out to my new dog.  Actually I've had him for about a month.  He's pretty cool.  We got him from a family who didn't have the time to take care of him so he ended up at our house.  His name is "Buddy" - not a big fan of the name but I figured since he had already been called that name for several months I didn't want to mess him up.  Buddy is an American  Bulldog.  

Blogger of the Week

Katie Rojas is the blogger of the week.  Katie has joined the ranks of blogger so we have to give her a shout out.  Katie's blog is off to a good start with a couple really good posts and you have to read her "about me" page.  Katie is a "cheesehead" - and that is not a derogatory term - she's a Green Bay Packer fan so if you see her doing the "discount double check" you'll know why.  Check out Katie's blog here - Katie is a busy person - top notch student, NHS Prez, Chronicle staff writer, and now a blogger. 

Friday, September 13, 2013

Why haven't you check out our bloggers?

I was checking out some Chronicle and MBC bloggers this week and I have to admit I'm pretty impressed with our bloggers.  They are doing a great job.  If you don't blog you should consider it and if you don't want to blog you should consider following our bloggers.  They are insightful, honest, candid, and very informative. Abbey Marshall is new to The Chronicle staff this year and so far I've been very impressed with this talented writer.  Her blog posts this week really touch on some very honest and sincere subjects.  Check her out here   Emily Taylor's blog let us in on a little secret, Emily is preparing to run a marathon.  You can check out her plans for marathon prep and some other interesting topics here Madison Krell is another new staff member on The Chronicle this year and I have found Madison to be very witty and she always has something funny to add to conversations but this week she touched on a very serious topic, check it out here Matthew Marvar is "Marvarvelous" - check out his blog here - cool design and insightful comments as well Gina Deaton's blog is impressive and you'll enjoy reading Gina's work.  This week she even has a humorous look at her own name, check it our here Jimmy Halpin loves sports and his blog shows off his love of anything sports.  Right now Jimmy is commenting on the NFL and I think you'll enjoy reading his commentary here I met Fernanda Hurtado last year in Intro to Broadcast Journalism and I was immediately impressed with Fernanda's deep thinking (it's too bad she's a St. Louis Cardinals' fan - but I won't hold that against her) Fernanda has a very colorful and interesting blog, the time you spend reading her blog is well worth it, check it out here Sonia Rayka is another new Chronicle blogger and I think you'll enjoy checking out Sonia's fresh blog here  Rashika Jaipuriar is really getting into blogging.  She is probably posting more on her blogs than anyone on The Chronicle staff right now and her blog features variety.  She can talk sports, politics, culture and today she's talking about the "day after," I think you'll better understand what I mean here Lindsay McCalmont is kind of quiet in class but when she writes in her blog she is a little louder and I really am enjoying the variety in Lindsay's blog, check it out here Katie Hermann is just getting into blogging but I think she is going to be a superstar blogger.  She enjoys music so you'll mostly see her take on music but every once in a while she steps out of her music mode and comments on other topics, check her out here Kelly Noriega's blog has a really cool design and this week she really has touched on some interesting topics - I think you'll enjoy Kelly's blog here and finally there's MBC blogger Gabe Dubois - and when you stumble onto Gabe's blog you're going to get all the fishing advice you need.  Gabe is a true "bassmaster" and if you're wanting to catch some trophy bass this weekend - then Gabe's blog should be packed away in your tackle box, check him out here   There are some more Chronicle and MBC bloggers on the "blog" scene but it's been a while since they've blogged some new material so I'll revisit their blog next week and then I'll share their stories.

Amazing story - The Man in the Red Bandana

I can't believe I didn't post this story sooner.  It doesn't need any description.  If you have a few minutes you will really find this ESPN piece a must see.

Thursday, September 12, 2013

Shout out to senior Joey Thomas

After a tremendous junior season and excellent summer performance Joey Thomas has decided he will continue his academic and athletic career next year at the University of Cincinnati.  Joey is a member of the MBC team and now he knows he will be playing baseball as a part of the UC Bearcat team next season.   The Comet baseball was undefeated last year and look to continue their winning ways this season with an excellent group of players returning.  Joey will join former Comet baseball teammates R.J. Thompson and Connor McVey at U.C.  The Bearcats hired a new head baseball who has made recruiting local players a priority. He is off to a good start getting these Comet stand-outs.

Congratulations Chronicle & staff

The National Scholastic Press Association has announced The Chronicle is a national finalist in two categories in their annual NSPA contests.  Former editorial cartoonist Ajay Agrawal is a finalist in the editorial cartoon category and former reporters Ashley Calvani and Erica Westley are finalists in the multi-media sports category.  Westley was a reporter for MBC and Calvani was's online editor.   Check out the finalists here:
Multi-media finalists:
Cartoonist finalists:
The winners will be announced at the November NSPA Convention in Boston.

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Former Chronicle Editor gets first college byline

Former Chronicle Editor Rebekah Barnes (Mason grad 2013), now a student at Ohio University in the Scripps School of Journalism is now a published college writer/reporter.  Check out her first byline here from her article in The Post at O.U.  I'm sure this is just the beginning of many more to come. You can also check out Rebekah's blog here

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Learn more about Syria

Syria is in the news a lot right now.  Many people don't even understand what's going on in Syria - you can go to this PBS Frontline story for a really good look at the situation.  This might help eliminate some of the confusion you have regarding this subject.

Take a few minutes to watch this and it might help you better understand why this controversial issue is causing such a stir among politicians in the United States. 

Blogger of the Week !

After checking out the blogs this week I think I have to give a shout out to Lindsay McCalmont's blog.  I really liked her use of multi-media in her blog and I believe she spoke with honesty.  Check out Lindsay's blog this week - you will find it's worth your time. Lindsay speaks candidly about a topic that is very relevant to us all. I think you will appreciate Lindsay's honesty in her most recent blog post.  Check it out.  

Sunday, September 8, 2013

Shout out to Cameron !

MBC staff member Cameron Gunnels will soon be making his debut on MBC as the co-anchor for the MBC Sports Top 5 and Not So Top 5 but before he stars on the screen he is starring on the football field. Cameron has three touchdowns in two games so far this season. Cameron had two touchdowns in the Ccomets' win over Bishop Waterson. He also has two sacks on defense for the Comets.  Nice job Cameron. Now I can't wait to see Cameron showing off his talent on MBC.

Friday, September 6, 2013

Former Comets on television

Some former Comets are now making their way in the world of sports broadcasting.  Blake Brodie is at KCBD in Lubbock, Texas. and Andrew Dawson is at WBKO in Bowling Green, Kentucky.

Former Chronicle staff writer at Missouri

Former Chronicle staff writer Thom Carter is a staff writer at the Maneater, the University of Missouri's newspaper.  Here's more

Comet grad makes the New England Patriots

UPDATE: (Friday, Sept. 6 at 9:50 a.m.) Kline has been activated to the 53 man roster and will be in uniform this weekend when the Patriots take on the Buffalo Bills. He will be #67.

He was an outstanding wrestler and football player at MHS.  Now Josh Kline is a member of the New England Patriots.  Check out the story here -
"While slightly undersized at 6’3”, 295 pounds, Kline’s versatility aided him through camp and the preseason. In four preseason contests, the 23-year-old logged a team-high 192 offensive snaps and graded out as the Patriots’ second-best run blocker behind All-Pro guard Logan Mankins, according to Pro Football Focus."

Football players do the right thing - good story

I'm sure you've heard some cliches about how character is what is revealed when no one is watching, well that was the case for these four college football players who acted with incredible integrity when no one was watching - or that's what they thought - it appears "big brother" was watching.
Check it out. I read Rick Reilly's column on about the incident.  It's a good column but for some reason he had to end the column by going political.  Reilly is a fine writer but I would have preferred he kept the focus on the these four kids instead. Read his column here

Thursday, September 5, 2013

A new take on the iconic Star Wars

It appears George Lucas actually had a rough draft for Star Wars that was different than what appeared on the big screen.  Check out the story. Comic book lovers should really like this.  Lucas is a genius, he will be making money on Star Wars until some cataclysmic event occurs or when Vader finally rules the universe.

Convergence Media is awesome

Former Chronicle editor Rebekah Barnes is a student at Ohio University.  She knows how much I enjoy the convergence of mediums - like print, online, broadcast media.  In one of her classes the students got to see this - check it out - it is amazing.

The MBC and Chronicle staffs have been experimenting with media convergence for a few years now so its good to see that our students have been exposed to this and that exposure continues on in college.

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

One stolen base = historic Reds' moment

Bid McPhee is the Cincinnati Reds all time stolen bases leader with 568.  Many of you have probably never heard of Bid.  Well his major league debut was in 1882 so its OK if you don't know a whole about Bid.  The modern day leader in stolen bases is Joe Morgan, probably someone you've heard a little more about.  Morgan played on the Big Red Machine, is a Hall of Famer, former ESPN analyst.  Morgan ended his Reds' career with 406 thefts. But last it seems like last night when speedster Billy Hamilton stole his first major league base everyone went nuts, like it was something for the record books.   I have to admit it was exciting because it meant helping the Reds win a game against the Cardinals but come on - its only one stolen base and since  Hamilton is a suspect hitter it could be a while before he is considered a major threat to Bid McPhee's record.  Hamilton is fast - super fast - but you can't steal first base so it could be a while before we see Hamilton in the lead-off role for the Reds.

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Blog of the week !

After checking out my bloggers I've decided I have to give a shout out to a "blog of the week."  The blog that I have to mention is Gina Deaton's blog.  Her post "The Good People" was awesome.  You have to read this. After you finishing reading that post you will enjoy learning that Gina lives next to a cemetery.  Check out that story as well.  Excellent blog posts this week.  I can't wait to see what she comes up with next.  Check out Gina's blog - you will enjoy your visit.